My Great Big God and the Little Things…

You’d think I wouldn’t be so scared of such a small thing.

You’d think I’d remember I am far bigger than it is.

You’d think it is certainly more afraid of me than I am of it (though I beg to differ).

What is this thing you may ask? Mice!

Last night, as I was stirring a pan of Indonesian Spiced Rice on the stove top, I looked down to see a mouse run into my foot!!!!!! It then backtracked quickly from where it came from (behind the stove), leaving me screaming and slinging rice haphazardly on the floor, counter, etc.

Since I was home alone, I did what any sane person would do, I turned the stove off, and shut the doors to the kitchen. Then came to the living room to sit down (with my feet off the floor!), and waited for my husband to come home! 🙂

To his dismay when he arrived, I told him all about the mouse, and he went to check it out.

Of course, that scared mouse was far gone, or was hiding to save its life.

Since my husband was about to leave for a Bible Study, I went to the store to buy mouse poison. Tentatively, I went back into the kitchen, and placed it on the sides of the stove, behind the fridge, and behind the garbage can.

We never saw nor heard the mouse the rest of the night. I’m hoping it is long gone, but time will tell!

Yet, the funny thing is, as I sat with my feet off the floor, with the doors shut, waiting on my husband, I considered the situation. Then laughed at myself, when I realized, that I am so much bigger than that little mouse, why oh why am I afraid?

As I have reflected on this today, I was reminded of my great, big God! Far too often I fear such small, trivial things. Occasionally, there are big things as well which seem impossible.

Yet, regardless of the size of the problem that has me afraid.

My God is bigger and stronger! And He says, “Fear Not!”

Fear is a natural instinct, that occurs without thought. And it will certainly come.

The key however is what we do with it.

Much like anger, it is what we do with fear, how we handle it, that counts.

Do we give it to the Lord, trusting that He is greater than it?
Or, do we allow it to control us, overpowering us, keeping us from what God has?

The God we serve is mightier and stronger than any fear we have. The God we serve can be trusted with whatever comes our way. The God we serve will even fight on our behalf.

We simply must be still and know He is God. Trusting Him, believing Him, and resting in the peace found only in His presence!



Fixing our eyes on what is unseen….

himalayasThis morning as I was walking the kids to the bus stop, I caught a brief glimpse of the mountains, but then moments later they were no longer visible. When I got back to the house, I went up on the roof and there they were, just peeking out from above the clouds.

And I realized something.

The mountains are always there. They are.

But most of the time they are invisible to the human eye. Covered with smog and clouds. Yet they are there.

Then I was reminded that isn’t that just like God. He’s always there, but most times we can’t see Him because “life” covers Him up, kind of like the clouds.

Even more so His plans for our lives.

Every now and then He gives us a glimpse of what is next. Just a little view. Then when we can no longer see, He says follow Me.

Fifteen years ago had you told me when I married my husband, that we would move every couple of years, have children born in three different states, and live in two  different countries I would have told you that you were crazy.

If God had revealed all that to me then, I would have gone running in the opposite direction.

Which is why He is God and I’m not.

Which is why He only gives us a glimpse every now and then, but then desires that we just rest in Him and follow.

Along the way from there to here, then to now. There have been numerous bumps in the way, twisty paths, and curvy roads.

Here in Nepal to get anywhere, you have to wind around mountains, twisting, curvy roads. Sometimes it looks like you are going to go straight off the cliff, when all of a sudden, the road turns and up, up you go some more.

And this is the Christian life.

God doesn’t make the way clear, He doesn’t show us our final destination here on earth. He doesn’t tell us all the details. Yet, He is there with us.

When we struggle, when life doesn’t make sense, when we get discouraged, He gives us a glimpse of the mountains, a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Just enough to strengthen and encourage us. Just enough for us to take the next step of faith. Then He says “Follow Me, Trust Me.”

The Christian life is a journey of faith.

A journey that leads us places we never dreamed of going, leads us to do things we would never believed possible, and to be used of Him in ways unimaginable.

It is indeed the Great Adventure!

So remember when you’re in the valley, and you can’t see what is next. That God is there. You may not be able to see Him clearly or understand His Ways. Yet, He is there.

When you don’t understand, He will allow you to catch a glimpse of what He is doing, just Be still and Know He is God.

The beautiful Himalayas are always there, not always visible, yet there none the less.

Just as God is always there.

Rest in Him today!!


Because some days are hard…. but God is still good!

Our Mission to the Himalayas and Beyond

praise himIt has been a rough week, what am I saying, it has been a rough year. 🙂

Had I only known what all would take place as our family set out for Nepal, I think I might have gone running back to the car.

As we began our time here, we spent the first few months settling in, getting accustomed to life overseas. Just when we got into the groove of it all, our world was shaken, literally by two major earthquakes. Months were spent doing relief work, and striving to live without fear of another big quake.

As the tremors slowed down, rumors began to be dispersed of the borders between Nepal and India closing. And in a matter of days, the petrol and cooking gas were gone. This lasted for months on end, as we put our feet good use and did a lot of walking.

Finally the…

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My Strong Tower

strong tower“The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” – Proverbs 18:10 

Our journey to Chitwan was nothing short of exciting. Right before we started out, I took a motion sickness pill, hoping it would knock me out. (If you have ever ridden on the curvy, mountainous roads of Nepal, you understand 🙂 ) For me seeing where we are going or how big the drop off on the side of the road is, is too much.  And thankfully it worked, I dozed on and off until we were stopped in traffic. We knew road work was going on and that the bus was trying to get passed a section of the road before a certain time. However, we had just missed getting through and ended up sitting in traffic for about an hour, as we watched a bulldozer going up the mountain, carving through the dirt, and rocks falling down into the road. It looked like a landslide, and in one sense it was, but it was intentional. Yet, it gave a whole new meaning to the “watch for falling rocks” signs seen in the for falling rocks

This morning, we took a jeep safari into the Chitwan National Park, hoping to see the animals before they hid in the dark cool places, to wait out the heat of the day. We saw numerous types of birds, peacocks, rhinos, deer, monkeys, wild boars, and bison. It was great. We also saw watchtowers scattered throughout the park, where the military guys would stand on guard. These towers were pretty high up, giving the officers a good view of the park.

As we passed by these places, I couldn’t help but be reminded that God is my strong tower. He sets up high seeing and knows in advance what things will happen, He is on the lookout for predators lurking in a distance, and He knows how and when to step in to save the day.

When I’m feeling tossed and tempted by this world, He is my High Place to run to. To find shelter from the storms of life and to rest in His perfect arms. Which provide peace, safety and love.

Living in Nepal, where many believe in Karma, and in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. How blessed I am to know the truth. That Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. How blessed I am that the Lord has opened my eyes to these truth, and welcomed me into His family.

To know that in the storms of life, I can run to Him. To know that He is there watching over me and taking care of what happens daily in my life. To know that when I die, I will go on to be with Him.

Life in Nepal is far from certain, nothing is for sure.

Yet, My God is faithful. He is certain, He is for sure. And no matter what, I can count on Him.

Though I may fail Him, He never fails me!

A Needed Reminder

prone to wonderIt seems here lately that I’m becoming more and more forgetful. Just the other day I almost had a nervous breakdown because I thought I had left my computer bag on a local microbus… when in actuality, I had left it at home.(Big sigh of relief 🙂 ) My husband and kids laugh and say I’m loosing my mind. I think they must be driving me crazy! 🙂

Yet the reality is, we are all forgetful, and we all need to be reminded of things. (Like reminding our kids to brush their teeth EVERY SINGLE NIGHT).

But as I finished reading the book of Joshua today and began Judges, I was shocked at how many times as Joshua neared the end of His life that he repeatedly reminded the Israelites of all God had done for them. He also told them again and again to be very careful to keep God’s commands, to hold fast to Him, to love Him etc.

Now you spiritual folks might think it would be unnecessary for Joshua to tell them to be very careful to love God…. but more than once he says this. More than once he reminds them to obey the book of law. More than once he says, remember it is God who brought you this far, God who fought for you, God who is with you.

The book of Joshua ends with the people choosing this day to serve the Lord, and making promises to hold fast to the Lord. Yet, years pass, and it says, the people neither knew the Lord or what He had done.

It seems to me that they had forgotten to not only remember these things, but most certainly they had forgotten to pass down these things to their children and the next generation.

And if you’ve read the rest of the book, you know that things only got worse for the Israelites as they failed to do as God said, and instead of fighting for them. God used their enemies to punish them.

As I read this, I was struck by those little words… “be very careful to love the Lord your God(Joshua 23:11).”

How often do we just assume we will love God? We say we love God, but do we really? How is our love for Him displayed to the lost world every day?

Over and over we are told to remember what God has done, because we typically forget. Over and over we are told to be diligent to hold fast to the Lord, because we typically hold fast to this world.

The Lord tells us to serve Him, yet so often we are prone to serve ourselves.

It is easy to talk about God, easy to even teach God’s Word… yet the real test is if we will live out this Word.

There is indeed a lost and dying world looking to see if we really believe what we say. Lost friends and neighbors who care more about what we do, than what we say.

We must take the time to think upon and remember what God has done for us. Lest we take it for granted. Take Him for granted, or worse yet, believe that somehow we deserve His goodness.

Joshua knew the hearts of the people. He knew that they were prone to wonder. Knew that they would probably fall away. God certainly knew, yet He chose them and loved them anyway. Time after time, having mercy upon them, which they didn’t deserve.

How important then is it that we remember and remind ourselves as well as our kids of the greatness of our God. He is good, He is faithful, He is loving and kind. He is merciful and just, gracious and powerful.

So, “Let us be very careful to love the Lord our God!”