Giving our everything to Him!!

Truly I say to you, wherever this gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will also be told in memory of her.” Matthew 26:13

Living overseas, I have seen this personally. The stories of the Cross have been translated into multitudes of languages, and shared throughout the world. It is a beautiful thing.

Yet, I do not for one second believe this had anything to do with why Mary did such a lavish thing. She knew not how often her story would be told, she knew nothing of the languages the Scriptures would be translated in.

All she did, she did out of love. Love for her Savior!

Though this perfume could have been sold for a large price, though it seemed a waste to the disciples, and a cause of rebuke by Judas. She cared not.

For she was committed this act of love not for the applause of man, the attention of others. She did it solely and completely for the Lord.

And yet, this extravagant act of love lives on today. Spoken of throughout the world, acted out in dramas for all to see.

Causing us to think, to ask of ourselves. What are we willing to lay down, give up for the Lord? How can we lavishly love our Savior? Why do we even do the things we do, for the applause of the Lord or of man?

For Mary, she did the only thing she could. She took what was most valuable in the world to her, gave it to the Lord. And she didn’t just pour out a little, saving some perfume for herself. She gave all that she had, completely.

As Easter draws near, and I read the stories of the Cross. I am reminded that I too must lay all I have at his feet, give all that I have unto the Lord. For only He is worthy.


Bible Study Helps

god's presenceI know most of you are super spiritual and that you never ever struggle to do your daily Bible reading or to pray. But for the few like me who sometimes need a little help, I thought I’d offer a few guidelines that help me. 🙂

  1. Choose a time and make a habit: Easy to say, easy to plan, yet often hard to follow through with. But, having a daily quiet time is a discipline that has to be established. You don’t think twice about getting dressed in the morning, likewise, if we discipline ourselves to have a quiet time, we will not think twice about not doing this either.
  2. Have a plan: You don’t sit down and allow your Bible to fall open only to read from that set of verses for the day. (seriously you don’t, it might work occasionally but is certainly not the best way to go) No, have a reading plan. There are so many out there, you can search Bible reading plans and a host of different sites will come up. Choose one that will work for you and stick to it. And don’t get discouraged if you miss a day. Don’t try to catch up, just pick up where you left off. I love the chronological Bible reading plan, because reading straight through the Bible is hard for me. But there are many options, choose one.
  3. Get your accessories ready: Have a journal, pen, and whatever else you might need.  I journal what I read, it helps me to stay focused and then I write down the truths being taught. Another good accessory to have is some note cards to write down Bible Memory verses, and some cards to write letters of encouragement to those the Lord may bring to mind.
  4. Have a prayer plan: For me closing my eyes and quietly praying only leads me to go to sleep. I can’t stay focused. So instead, I write out my prayers in my journal. If I don’t have a journal, I pray out loud. Again, this helps me to stay focused and keep my mind from wandering off to what I might eat for lunch or my to do a list for the day.
  5. Establish a prayer routine: In seminary we were taught to make a prayer-book, we got a little notebook, added tabs for the days of the week and left pages between each day. Then wrote out the people and things we would seek to pray for on certain days. This was quite helpful, because realistically we are not going to be able to pray for everybody and everything each day.
  6. Remember that God, the creator of the Universe. The one who needs nothing, who knows all things desires to have a relationship with you. He set you apart from birth, He knows your name, knows your desires, cares for every detail of your life. He will transform you, speak to you, and encourage you as you take the time to read His Word and to pray.

Now I know what your thinking… you’re looking at this list and saying, if I only had time to do this, that would be great. But the truth is you have time. We both do. We make time for what is important. Instead of checking social media, check in to God’s Word. Instead of sleeping a few more minutes, get up earlier. Instead of going to bed early, stay up a little later. The method, the ways, the time spent are all important, but not as important as just taking the time you have and spending it with the Lord.

The Lord God Almighty is His name and He beckons you to come away with Him and allow Him to truly give you rest!

My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. Song of Solomon 2:10

Be Who God Called You to Be….

be who god wants you to beWhat are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? And are you using this gift to further God’s kingdom?

I’ve been re-reading a book by Jeanie Allen entitled “Restless: Because you were made for more.” (A great read!) And in this book, she ask these questions, and others.

The truth is we all like and have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. If we aren’t careful, we begin to believe the lies that others are better and more spiritual than us because of what they “do.” We believe the lies that what God has called us to is not as big or important as what others are called to.

And we begin to sink into ourselves….

But, this is not God’s plan for us. He has created each of us in His own image. In the image of God you were created.

But, just as each of my children have a different personality. Just as each of my children learn in different ways and have different strengths and weaknesses.

Likewise, God has gifted each of His children differently.

Some He has created with the gift of hospitality, or teaching. Others with the gift of discernment or faith. Still others are gifted musically or artistically. And the list goes on and on.

He also gives each of us a heart for certain things. Some have a heart for the orphan, others a heart for the elderly, the disabled, the handicapped, for children, teens or adults.

This is not to say that as believers we can only do that which we are good at doing, or minister only to those we have a heart for.

But, God has gifted you and He has gifted me in specific ways.

Not, so we can sit on our gifts, but so we can use our gifts, our calling to build His kingdom.

So, let me ask you? Ask yourself? What things are you good at? What has God-given you a heart for?

Then let me encourage you to pray and ask Him to show you how He wants to use this gift He has given you for His glory and to grow His kingdom.

I promise if you seek Him on this, He will guide you and show you.

And I am convinced that if everyone in the church today was truly using their gift to build His kingdom, there would be less needs and wants in the church. And the same few who always do everything, would not need to do this anymore.

Don’t compare yourself to others, be who God has called you to be.

Don’t look down on yourself and think others are better, Be who God has called you to be!

It is easy to compare, easy to think we dont’ measure up.

This is a lie, a lie the enemy wants us to believe.

Yet, the truth is.. you are uniquely gifted.

So let us each use our gift, and let us use them not for selfish gain or to call attention to us. Let us use these gifts to grow and expand God’s kingdom here on earth!

Favorite Books of 2015

love for readingI love this time of year. It’s a new start and all that jazz, but I love how everyone post about their favorite books of the previous year. Because I love to read, and am always looking for good book ideas.

I have read a lot of good books in this past year. Most of which have been biographies, especially missionary biographies. I have always been a sucker for these. When I was young, I read about the far off places and dreamed of someday going there. They inspired me and God used them to put a passion in my heart for missions. Nowadays, I read them for their source of encouragement.

Because in such tales, I find real people, going through real struggles for the sake of the Gospel. I find people just like me who sometimes have a hard time being in the place that God called them. People to whom difficult days come, and how God brings them through.

So my favorite reads of 2015 are (drum roll please!!! 🙂 )

  1. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi– this is the story of a young muslim man who in his search for the truth, finds Jesus, The Way, the Truth and the Life!
  2. In This Place and In Every Place by Kim Abernathy– These are sequels that detail the life and missionary call on a family to serve Christ in West Africa.
  3. Hiding in the Light: Why I risked everything to leave Islam and follow Jesus by Rifqa Bary– a true account of one women’s faith in Christ, that led her to walk away from Islam, leaving her family and friends behind to follow Jesus.
  4. In the Land of Blue Burqas and Farewell, Four Waters by Kate McCord– These are sequels that detail the life and missionary call of a single female missionary to Afghanistan.
  5. My Hands Came Away Red by Lisa McKay– This was a captivating story of a young group of high school graduates who thought they were going on a summer mission trip to Indonesia, who in the end were running for their lives. I couldn’t put it down.
  6. Both Feet In: A journey to surrender, sacrifice ans service by Bud Fray– Biography of missionary couple to Africa, who truly hungered for God in every part of their lie and service there.
  7. Behind the Veils of Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby– True account of one missionary families call to take the Gospel to Yemen and all that God brought them through to get there.
  8. The Pastor’s Wife: Strengthened by Grace for a life of Love by Gloria Fruman– Great book of encouragement for any type of ministers wife. Gloria Fruman is a pastor’s wife, but also a missionary wife to Dubai.
  9. From Good to Grace: Letting go of the Goodness Gospel by Christine Hoover – The title pretty much sums this one up.Yet, as women, we have a tendency to do, and do more to somehow make ourselves better. The author shares from Scripture how God wants us to let go of this and cling to God’s grace.
  10. You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis and Lisa Chan– Actually I’m still reading this one, but it is so good. And to be honest it is not just for married folks. The truths of the Gospel shared in this book are for every relationship you have. So good, thus far.

I’ve found in the Christian journey, how important good books are. To keep one’s mind and thoughts fixed on Christ. There is so much in the world vying for our attention, so much that pulls us away and seeks to get our attention all on us. The list above, has encouraged me this past year…. what books do you have to add. I would love for you to help me add to by 2016 reading plan!

Blessings from Nepal!

How will you spend your vapor?

vapor“So how will you spend your vapor of a life…Will you try to make your life call attention to itself? Or will you put every ounce of effort into calling attention to the God who alone is worthy of glory?”-Francis Chan

I found this quote on a blog I was reading the other day, and I can’t get it out of my head.

It’s quite profound, quite convicting as well.

For if we are all honest, we read this quote and think, wow, I want to put every ounce of my effort into calling attention to God, who is the only one worthy of glory. Yet, how much of out time is focused instead on ourselves?

In Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love, he quotes, “When we love God because we feel we should love Him, instead of genuinely loving out of our true selves, we have forgotten who God really is.” He goes on to say, this is a type of spiritual amnesia.

Such amnesia I’m ashamed to say, I have too often. This tendency to forget my first love. Tendency to forget who I once was, and who I am because of Christ.

I’m all together too forgetful. Failing to remember how great God is, how blessed I am, and how undeserving I am.

Instead contrary to the quote above, I’m prone to call attention to myself and spend far too much of my vapor thinking about me, and what I want.

Yet, I read this quote and I’m reminded of this profound truth…. that this life is just a vapor. Here one minute, gone the next.

And I want my vapor to count for Him. I want my life to call attention to how great and awesome God is.

All too often as Christians, we are busy doing good and even great things… but our tendency is to say, “Hey, look at me.”

When this is nothing more than idolatry. For everything we do or don’t do… should cry out, “Hey, look at my awesome God.”

It is a new year. Only four days in, and I have resolved to make this year count for Him.

This tiny vapor of a life, may it point others to the One true God.

How about you? What will you spend your “vapor” of a life doing? Whom will you serve with your “vapor?”

Yet, let me make one thing clear.

Good intentions are not enough. And the enemy will spend his energy to keep you distracted. He will wreak havoc in your life, if your sole purpose is to honor God.

So don’t be surprised as you seek to make this year count for God, if things aren’t easy.

Satan has been a liar, schemer and thief since the creation of the world. He will aim to pull you away from your purpose.

But, stand firm.

Commit each day to the One true God. Pray that God will enable you to recognize Him in each day. And live hard for Him.

Your friends may think your a radical… but who cares.

The only One who matters is the Lord.

Let’s live this vapor of a life, sold out to Christ. Seeking to use all we have, and all we are to glorify Him.

Then on “that” day, we will hear, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

And it will have been WORTH IT ALL.


When the well runs dry…

water from wellIt seems we have hit the start of the dry season, and we have many more months until the rains begin.

Yet already, our well is dry, and we have to purchase water now to do our wash, cook and to bathe.

About once a month, the big water truck, pulls up out front and with its long hose, it pumps water into our storage tank, so that we can then pump this water up to the roof. To use for household chores.

We have already learned how important water is, how vital it is to have.

And thankfully, as of now, we have no trouble purchasing water once a month, to make do until the rains begin.

Yet, what about a few months from now, when it gets really dry? Time will definitely tell.

The other day it rained unexpectantly. One minute it was sunny, the next the wind was blowing and the rains poured. We were excited, thinking that maybe we would have some water in the well.

So when the electric came on that night, we turned on the pump for the well. And we waited, and waited and waited. But no water came, and we realized for sure that our well was dry.

Today I was reminded of this as I pondered the Christian life.

Sometime our walk with the Lord is fresh and new, like a spring rain. Our love for Him overflows onto everything and everyone.

Then there are times, when our walk seems dry and stale. When it is difficult to feel close to the Lord.

So, what do we do, when our well is dry?

We go to the source!

Just as we have to go the water source to get our water. In our Christian life, we too must go to the source, we must go to the Lord.

And we have to immerse ourselves in His living waters, allowing Him to wash us afresh and anew.

It is then, that we are in need of His reminders. Allowing our hearts to ponder how great and amazing He is.

Often when my walk seems stale, it is because I have begun taking the Lord and His mercies for granted.

I have taken on an I deserve attitude, instead of having a grateful heart.

I have forgotten who I once was, a dead, sinful, evil person. Forgetting what Christ has done, and how He has made me alive.

So when your well has gone dry  go the source.

Get on your knees and cry out to Him.

Remember what He has done and who you once were.

Allow the Living Water to fill and sustain you.

Jesus told the women at the well, to drink from Him and she would never thirst again….

Are you thirsty? Have you stopped drinking from the Living Water?

He alone can satisfy.

May we allow the Lord to be our everything.

Good Reads…. 2014

downloadThis year has been a whirlwind of activity as our family has said yes to God to move to Nepal. Has worked to start a nonprofit organization,called Ambassadors for Truth, and trusted God to raise the support needed. Yet, in the midst of it all…. God’s Word and a good book, was what helped keep me grounded.

Here are some of my favorite reads of 2014… though some are repeats from last year. Some I have read more than three-five times. But hey, that’s what makes them good reads 🙂

1. Restless: Because You were made for More by Jeanie Allen

2. The Knowledge of the Holy by A. W. Tozer

3. Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough by Kristen Welch

4. What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst

5. Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman

6. Gods at War: Defeating the Idols that Battle For Your Heart by Kyle Idelman

7. Women of the Word: How to Study the Word with Both our Hearts and Minds by Jen Wilkin

8. Eight Twenty Eight: When Love Didn’t Give Up by Larissa Murphy

9. Women Living Well: Find Your Joy in God…… by Courtney Joseph

10. Radical… by David Platt ( a def. read and re-read)

11. The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken ( another read and re-read)

12. Anything by Jeanie Allen (same as above :-))

How about you? What great books have you read this year? I’m always looking for new ideas… so leave a message below! Thanks!!





Gray Hairs and Birthdays

I pulled two gray hairs out today.thG2HN27RC

I’ll be 36 on Saturday.

I have three kids 11, 10 and 6.

And I realize more than ever, how fast this life is slipping away.

And I want more than ever for my life to count.

I want it to be lived to the fullest for the glory of God.

Growing up, it was always about what I wanted.

I wanted to be a lawyer in NYC.

I wanted all the pleasures of this world.

Now, I want what God has planned for me.

I want His desires to be my desires.

I want to train my kids up in the Lord.

I want them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

To be used of God however, He chooses.

Life is quickly passing us all by.

Are we content to let the days, weeks, months pass into years.

Are we content to crave after the things this world has to offer.

Or do we want our lives to count?

Do we want to crave God and all He has to offer?

Gray hairs, birthdays and our children have a way of showing us the reality of life.

And, “As much as I want an umbrella drink by the ocean somewhere, I just as much don’t want to waste a minute.”- Jeanie Allen


The Eagle Has Landed

thKA599F4MOne of the things I love about the spring, is getting outside with the kids.

Saturday we made a trek to Shiloh National Park and did some bike riding.

The day was perfect, not too hot nor too cold.

Toward the end of the ride, we came around a curve just in time to see an eagle fly into its nest.

Immediately, the crowd that had gathered around the tree and had apparently been waiting for quite some time, began taking pictures, pointing and making exclamations.

I couldn’t believe it, there was no way possible we could have picked a better time to come whizzing around the curve.

It was an amazing sight and we watched the birds enormous wings carry him safely into his nest.

What is further amazing is that though we had not known this would happen, others had sat there waiting for a long time, anticipating the event.

It was then God reminded me that He is always at work. That He is always faithful. That it truly is He and He alone who orchestrates all life’s events.

Had we been a few minutes earlier or later, we would have missed this spectacular sight.

Yet, at just the right time, we caught a glimpse of the eagle flying home.

Many times, we get worked up trying to make things happen in our lives. We strive and struggle to bring events about.

All the while God is at work, bringing into fulfillment what He has prepared.

I’m learning that it is best to live a life fully surrendered to Him. A life that comes before Him, praying only that His good and perfect will be accomplished.

Throughout Scripture, this has been the case. A seemingly random encounter, such as Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. Yet, to God nothing about this was an accident. It was a planned event, scheduled since the creation of the world.

For like the fifth time, I’m re-reading the book Anything by Jeanie Allen. This is a prayer of complete surrender she and her husband prayed again and again. They prayed anything and asked God to fulfill whatever He had for them.

She said, an anything with a but attached to the end, is not an anything.

Anything involves complete surrender to the One who tells the sun where to set and the ocean tide where to stop.

I’m realizing that this is the best and most peaceful place to be.

For just as the kids and I saw the eagle, though it was neither planned nor orchestrated by us.

The Lord can and will bring about His perfect plans for us and for you as we yield ourselves fully unto Him.

When God Says No…. The Bigger Picture

thADKWYRVZHave you ever wanted something really bad?

I mean you were willing to do anything to get what you wanted.

You prayed and prayed, begging God to hear and answer your prayer.

Then you were met with a no?

If we aren’t careful in such times we can become angry, bitter and essentially walk away from the Lord.

I began reading the biography of Nate Saint last night. (I love missionary biographies) Of course I know the story and even how it ends. I’ve seen the movie and the story of these missionaries is legendary among Christians.

Yet, as I began to read, I read about his younger years and found out information I didn’t know.

As a young boy he always had a love for flying. All he wanted was to one day fly an airplane like his older brother. He spent many years working on planes as a mechanic and then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. At this point, Nate joined the army.

After some time in the army, he passed the aviation exam and went into the airforce. Finally his dreams were in close read. Except, that as a young boy he had cut his leg. The infection got so bad that it turned into a bone disease. He almost died.

Now, the night before he will finally get to fly the airplane, he notices a red circle and a throbbing in his infected leg. All night he wrestles with God, knowing that if he tells the sergeant, he will not get to fly and will not be sent overseas.

Morning dawns and he lets the sergeant know and instead of flying the plane, he is sent to the hospital for treatment. I’m sure the disappointment was great and I’m sure he wondered what God was about here.

Soon thereafter, he is at a revival where he hears a missionary speak and his life is forever changed. He knows now that God has called him to something more. He begins making plans to attend Bible college, when he receives a letter form his dad telling him of a new missions organization, Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

Amazing right. But as I was reading this story and then telling my husband about it. The Lord spoke to my heart.

Nate could have gotten angry, he could have given into bitterness, but he didn’t. He was disappointed, I’m sure. But as I read this, I could only think to myself, “don’t worry, you’re going to get to fly!!.”

See, I knew the ending of the story in advance, I knew that one day he would be flying into the remote jungles of Ecuador telling an unreached tribe about Jesus. Nate, however, on the night he discovered his sore leg, did not.

Isn’t this just like our own lives. In the midst of difficulties and unanswered prayers, we tend to question God and give into disappointment.

But, I believe God is there and He’s cheering from the sidelines, “Just wait, I know the rest of the story. It’s going to be better than you could ever ask or imagine. Trust me!”

In my own life, when difficulties come and it seems God keeps saying no. I find great comfort when I look to the bigger picture. To the fact that God is at work and He knows the ending. He has a purpose and a plan greater than I could dream up on my own. And He only ask that I trust Him.

“God is not overlooking the details of your life, He is orchestrating the details of your life.” David Platt