Choosing to give thanks…

choosing to be thankfulAfter a great vacation, we came home to multiple problems, well, mainly I did.

One our flight home, I looked down at my wedding ring, and noticed somehow, somewhere I’d lost one of the diamonds out of my ring.

The day after we arrived home, my daughter began running fever, and was sick for 3 days.

Two days after we got home, my computer decided to crash, causing me to loose some very important documents.

Add in, the fact that the road we have to walk up/down to get to our house, is one big muddy mess because of the rains, and the gnats, that seem to have taken over my kitchen. And you might understand why I have not been too thankful.

Thursday afternoon, as I was waiting for my kids to get back from music class, the Lord reminded me of my need to have a grateful heart.

He reminded me that when my heart is not grateful, I lack any and all joy. He reminded me that my ungrateful heart spills over into my relationships with my family and friends. The Lord helped me to remember that my bad attitude can and often does result in my families bad attitude.

So I sat down, and began to give thanks.

I thanked the Lord for a wonderful family vacation.

I thanked Him, that though I’d lot a diamond, I didn’t loose my ring. And it can probably be fixed.

I thanked Him, that my daughter had bounced back from her sickness, and was back to her lively self.

I thanked the Lord that though my computer had crashed, and I’d lost some things, most things I had backed up.

I thanked Him, that getting a new hard drive restored my computer.

As I began to thank Him, He brought more and more things to mind that I had reason to be thankful for.

It is oh so much easier to complain, than to give thanks.

Yet, God has called us to be thankful. To rejoice always, to give thanks in all circumstances.

This is certainly not always easy, but it is possible.

Choosing to give thanks is a decision we must make daily. Will we choose to give thanks for the good, or complain about the bad.

To be honest, I have yet to figure out how to be thankful for the muddy roads or the gnats, but I rejoice that if those are my biggest problems, I have much to be thankful for.

How about you? Are you focusing on all the good the Lord has done in your life or are your eyes solely focused on your problems.

The enemy would like nothing more than to keep our eyes on our problems, for us to have ungrateful hearts, for then we are no threat to him.

But the Lord calls us to be thankful, and this can only happen when we choose joy.

Choose joy today by choosing to be thankful!

No matter how bad it is, we always have reason to give thanks!