Lumps of clay

lumps of clayThe past few weeks in Pottery Class, we have been learning to use the wheel. Let me just say, it looks a whole lot easier than it actually is.

The first step is centering, which is the art of learning how much pressure to apply with the right hand, while holding it steady with the left. Too much pressure, will send the clay flying off the wheel, and not enough pressure will keep it from centering.

After almost two weeks of trying, with clay sometimes flying, and other times becoming a very uncentered mess, I finally achieved this aspect.

The second step is to pull the clay upward, and then flatten it out, while using your thumbs to apply pressure in order to create a bowl.

I am far from victory on this step. It seems my bowls are either too thick, or they collapse when I’m trying to get them thinned out.

It has been quite the frustrating time for me, as I have watched the other students sail through this much quicker than I have .

As I worked with the clay today, I would be so close to having it , when suddenly it would cave inward, and I would be forced to begin again.

And I could not help, but think of the fact that I am the clay and the Lord, He is the potter. I was reminded of all the shaping He must do in our lives to get us molded into His image. Many times, He must feel similar frustration that I felt today. When He sees us doing so well, moving in the right direction, growing in our walk with Him, then suddenly, falling back into sin.

For once again, the Lord must come along and center us and our eyes back upon Him. He does this by applying some pressure to our lives, causing us to look to Him. Then, once our eyes are back on Him, He can begin shaping us once more into the image of Christ.

Thankfully, the Lord is merciful, and long suffering. He doesn’t give up on us, He doesn’t throw in the towel (like I wanted to do today), He doesn’t quit on us. No, He is faithful to continue day by day to shape us and change us. Faithful to mold us into the image of His Son.

I am so thankful for the verse that says, “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil. 1:6).”

Thankful that the work He began in me, He will complete. I have a long way to go. There is much shaping, and molding God must continue to do in my life before I will reach this point. Yet, He doesn’t give up on me. He keeps working, keeps allowing the pressures of life to draw me to Him, disciplining me when I fall away, and lovingly bringing me back so that my eyes are centered upon Him.

How is the Lord shaping you today?