People Need the Lord

people-need-the-lordI remember it like it was yesterday. For years I had put it off, until there was no more time to delay. It was a must. I had to do it….

That is I had to take the dreaded speech class so I could graduate from college. A class I had literally dreaded since I began college.

Growing up I was nicknamed “Mute” by a guy I went to school with, because in class I didn’t talk unless the teacher made me do so. Sure, I talked with my friends, but the idea of getting up in front of people was too much, especially a bunch of people I didn’t know.

But at last I had to take the class… so I did what all brave young college students do. I opted to wait and take it in summer school, where I knew there would be fewer people to embarrass myself in front of.

In order to pass the class, we obviously had to give a speech, and incorporate our speech into an activity. It had not been long since God had rocked my world and drawn me back to Him. And I was always looking for opportunities to tell others about him.

So I did my speech on sign language and signed the song, “People need the Lord.” A definite truth on my college campus and even in my small class.

But the other day as I was walking through the streets of Kathmandu, the Lord brought this song vividly to mind.  The first few lines of the song say, “Everyday they pass me by, I can see it in their eyes. Empty people filled with cares, headed who knows where?”

And that is exactly what I see here. So many I pass seem to have an empty, hopeless look in their eyes. So many who live here have given up hope. Because for many it is just about making it through another day.

The truth is no matter where you live, America, Africa, Korea, China, Nepal there are people you pass everyday who need the Lord. They are hopeless because they have not met the only One who can bring hope to their weary souls.

And if we aren’t careful, we can pass the people by and grow indifferent. Or hurriedly pass the opportunities God is brining into our paths by.

No matter where God has you. No matter what your job title… we are all called to tell the lost about Him. We are all called to make disciples. We are all called to lead them to the cross.

So from a college campus to a city on the other side of the world, people need the Lord. And everywhere in between.


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