The Levitical Laws and Today

bible studyBack in January, I began reading through my Chronological Bible again, which I love. Yet, there are certain times in the year when this reading gets a bit difficult. For instance now, reading through Leviticus. I diligently plow on through, but often wonder if or how it applies.

But then things like what I read today, leap from the page, and I realize, it does certainly apply.

Today I was reading along and came upon this verse,

You must keep the Israelites separate from things that make them unclean, so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place, which is among them.” Lev. 15:31

As I read this I realized how relevant to us as Christians this verse is. Now obviously we do not have to follow the same ceremonial cleansing periods they did in the OT times, and certainly the foods we eat, clothes we wear etc do not make us unclean. Yet, this isn’t the point God was speaking to my heart about.

In the OT times, these things did make them unclean, and so God is telling Moses to keep them separate from the things that would make them unclean, so they could enter into His presence.

And though the rules don’t apply to us, the concept certainly does. For just as they were to keep themselves from things that would make them unclean. So also, should we not keep ourselves from things that cause us to sin. For just as their uncleanliness kept them from the Lord’s presence, so sin keeps us from meeting with God.

Jesus even spoke on a related subject in the New Testament, when He said if your eyes causes you to sin, pluck it out. If your arm causes you to sin, cut it off. Pretty strong words, that depict the seriousness of sin.

As I thought on this, the Lord spoke to my heart telling me that I too must keep myself from things that lead me to sin. Be it the movies I watch, the music I listen to, the books I read, the people I hang out with etc.

If any of the above things, cause me to sin and make me unclean. I should have no part of them.

And I would venture to say that this same concept applies to all believers and not just me.

So, how serious are we about sin? Are we concerned that it keeps us from God’s presence or do we shrug it off, blame it on others or make excuses for it?

Thankfully we do live in the New Testament times, and no longer must follow all the laws given in Leviticus. Nevertheless, keeping ourselves from sin should be important to us. Necessary for us, so that we might enjoy living in His presence.

So yes, reading through some portions of Scripture are definitely more difficult than others.. they are still God’s Word. His Word which is still living and active and useful for our teaching, correcting and rebuking.

May we too throw off all sin that entangles us and may we run the race Christ has given to us to run.. for His glory!


2 thoughts on “The Levitical Laws and Today

  1. I have read through the Bible each year for the past 4 – the first time chronological and again this year as well. I too enjoy it very much, and agree fully with you that there are books that are more difficult. These cause me to to look deeper into the message… which causes me to draw nearer to God. I love your ‘teaching’ on the verse and am thankful for you. I have discovered a wonderful study that you may enjoy – you may already know of it, if not you may enjoy visiting the site and reading some of the teachings. Blessings.

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