A New Year… A New Start… Focused on Christ

a-new-year2016 is passed. Another year finished, another year in the journey.

2017 has begun. A new start, a new journey.

Last night we attended a New Year’s Eve prayer meeting that my husband shared at. He shared from the Gospel of John where Jesus says, “I have glorified You on earth by accomplishing the work You gave Me to do (John 17:4).”

Then he asked the question, can this be said of you in 2016? He mentioned that often as a new year begins we start well, we make our resolutions and we have great intentions… but often we get distracted from these things and before long we get in a rut and forget all about our good intentions.

As he shared I thought how true what he was saying was. How quickly I get distracted from what matters, how often I am so much more like Martha than Mary. Distracted by many things and failing to choose what matters.

It is easy to be busy in ministry. Easy to get so busy doing that you forget whom you are doing things for. You forget to draw your strength from the Lord, forget that it truly is all about Him!

As we knelt to pray I spent a good amount of time confessing how distracted I have been this past year. Confessing my need for Christ, confessing my need to fix my eyes on Him, and do the work He has for me to do, not necessarily the work others think I should do.

But I also prayed that His grace would be sufficient for me to do this… because I know my natural tendency is to do things for Him, rather than sit at His feet.

The older I get the more I realize that it really isn’t about what we do or accomplish for the Lord… because He truly doesn’t need us. It is really just about drawing closer and closer to Him and allowing Him to live in and through us.

Mary chose what was greater, this is my desire for 2017. To truly throw off everything that entangles and weighs me down and to run the race which Christ has prepared for me! To sit at His feet and be transformed more and more!