Christmas Every Day

cropped-christmas-3.jpgIt’s the day after Christmas, and if you aren’t careful you can feel the let down of what that means.

Already my kids have made the comment that now they have to wait a whole year until the next Christmas.

The truth is none of us truly would want it to be Christmas everyday, because then there would be nothing special about it, it would just be another day.

Yet, the reality is Christmas should carry on into our everyday all year-long.

Think about it, this one day in history marked a phenomenal event that changed everything. This one day impacted our lives and the lives of all who have ever been born.

This day led to that day. Christmas led to the cross.

And on that day our sins were paid for. On that day the price was paid in full.

But it began on Christmas day. It began with a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.

And that day would go on to impact all days.

So shouldn’t Christmas day impact our everyday?

The mark of a Christian is one who loves as Christ loves, who is kind and not harsh. Who puts others first and does not think highly of themselves.

It seems that on Christmas people practice this more than any other day. We give more, complain less, are thankful more. But should this not be our everyday?

The life of this newborn King was amazing and this newborn King would go on to change the world. To offer hope to the hopeless, to bring salvation to a world in need, to gift us with salvation, and pour out amazing grace.

May this Life impact our lives.

May this day we celebrate once a year impact our every day.

The day after Christmas should not be a let down, it should be a continuation of the joy Christmas brings all year-long.