Grace and Mercy for today….

grace-and-mercyLast week in our ladies Bible study group I was reminded of an important truth. The truth that the Lord’s grace is sufficient for today and His mercies are new every morning.

At this time of year it is easy to get stressed with all that has to be done. The days seem to be missing hours and time passes so quickly. If we are not careful we dream of waking up when the holidays have passed and we miss out on the true joy of the season.

I have a bad habit of borrowing trouble, focusing on the supposed problems of tomorrow, that I often miss today. Living in Nepal has helped me a lot in this area.  Because here I’ve learned truly what Jesus said is true. “So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6:34). 

Here life can change in an instant and what you intend to do today may or not happen as you planned.

It is certainly easy to borrow trouble, but the reality of these great truths is the fact that God’s grace and His mercy are sufficient for only today, not for tomorrow, not for next week, not for next year. Only for today!

If our focus is on tomorrow, next week or next year we will grow anxious, we will worry and we will do what I am so guilty of doing and that is trying to figure it all out.

However, if our focus is on today, the day God has given us… then His grace and His mercy are enough for whatever may come our way.

This is certainly my most favorite time of the year. I love the excitement of the holidays, the joy of Christmas, the anticipation in the eyes of my children. But if my focus is on tomorrow and what all needs to be done.. then I miss this. I miss the joy, I miss the love, I miss the point.

Truly, today has enough trouble of its own, let us then focus on today and leave tomorrow to the Lord.

Let’s look to the Lord for the grace and mercy we need for this day, knowing and believing in faith that His grace and mercy will be sufficient for tomorrow as well.

His grace, His mercy… they are enough, they are sufficient, they are there in their fullness for today!

And as we think on this, we will then be able to be still in today, knowing that He is God!


What we take for granted………….

himalayan-mtsFor the past month now in Nepal, the snow mountains which are hidden most of the year behind the clouds and smog have been displayed in all their beauty. The first few days as I would look out my window and catch a glimpse of them, I stood in awe of the Lord’s mighty work. Marveling at how great He is that He could create something so grand.

But something happened as the days and weeks continued to pass by. Instead of standing in awe of this masterpiece visibly seen from my bedroom window… the other day I noticed that after a quick glance I passed them by.

And I thought to myself, how often is this the same with God.

At times I stand in awe of how great and awesome our God is. I am overwhelmed by His unending love. I am humbled by His amazing grace and like Isaiah fall before this great God undone.

Then there are days when I forget or I quickly overlook these same truths.

As it is nearing Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all I have to be thankful for, things so often I am quick to take for granted. Things I think so little of until I am reminded of those who have so much less.

In our house we have a thankful tree, which we have been adding leaves written with what we are thankful  for, for the past month. As I was reading the items listed today I was overwhelmed by the goodness and greatness of our God.

Of course living here has taught us to be thankful for the simple things like cooking gas, water, electricity and the gyeser (heater for hot showers). But then again, aren’t these things we all should be thankful for.

The heavens declare the glory of the Lord, they display His greatness for all the world to see. And this great, amazing God loves us and provides for us daily.

May we all stop in the midst of our busy lives to truly give thanks for who God is and for all He has done!