Fixing our eyes on what is unseen….

himalayasThis morning as I was walking the kids to the bus stop, I caught a brief glimpse of the mountains, but then moments later they were no longer visible. When I got back to the house, I went up on the roof and there they were, just peeking out from above the clouds.

And I realized something.

The mountains are always there. They are.

But most of the time they are invisible to the human eye. Covered with smog and clouds. Yet they are there.

Then I was reminded that isn’t that just like God. He’s always there, but most times we can’t see Him because “life” covers Him up, kind of like the clouds.

Even more so His plans for our lives.

Every now and then He gives us a glimpse of what is next. Just a little view. Then when we can no longer see, He says follow Me.

Fifteen years ago had you told me when I married my husband, that we would move every couple of years, have children born in three different states, and live in two  different countries I would have told you that you were crazy.

If God had revealed all that to me then, I would have gone running in the opposite direction.

Which is why He is God and I’m not.

Which is why He only gives us a glimpse every now and then, but then desires that we just rest in Him and follow.

Along the way from there to here, then to now. There have been numerous bumps in the way, twisty paths, and curvy roads.

Here in Nepal to get anywhere, you have to wind around mountains, twisting, curvy roads. Sometimes it looks like you are going to go straight off the cliff, when all of a sudden, the road turns and up, up you go some more.

And this is the Christian life.

God doesn’t make the way clear, He doesn’t show us our final destination here on earth. He doesn’t tell us all the details. Yet, He is there with us.

When we struggle, when life doesn’t make sense, when we get discouraged, He gives us a glimpse of the mountains, a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Just enough to strengthen and encourage us. Just enough for us to take the next step of faith. Then He says “Follow Me, Trust Me.”

The Christian life is a journey of faith.

A journey that leads us places we never dreamed of going, leads us to do things we would never believed possible, and to be used of Him in ways unimaginable.

It is indeed the Great Adventure!

So remember when you’re in the valley, and you can’t see what is next. That God is there. You may not be able to see Him clearly or understand His Ways. Yet, He is there.

When you don’t understand, He will allow you to catch a glimpse of what He is doing, just Be still and Know He is God.

The beautiful Himalayas are always there, not always visible, yet there none the less.

Just as God is always there.

Rest in Him today!!



3 thoughts on “Fixing our eyes on what is unseen….

    1. Hi City Hermit,
      We all get discouraged along the way especially when His way doesn’t seem cleright, but be encouraged He will guide you and make all things clear. Be still and just know He is God and His way and time is always best.

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