What is missions??

SAM_0277What is missions?

It’s long crowded flights to the other side of the world.

It’s living in a place where everyone seems to know who you are, but you still can’t get everyone else’s names straight.

It’s fumbling with the language, even though you study and try, it never comes out the way it should.

It’s even thinking you’re saying one thing, when in reality you’re saying something totally different and getting very strange looks, and not understanding why.

It’s dealing with sickness and high fevers in the night with nothing to do but pray.

Its worms, lice, and other creepy crawly things that teach us to count all things as joy.

Missions is always being on display, always having people watching you, and not always setting the best example that you know you should.

It’s even being put on a pedal stool by people back home, who think your some super spiritual giant, when in fact you’re just human. You struggle and sin just like everyone else.

Its crowded busses, tuk tuk’s, motorcycles, cars, and animals all traveling the same road, and learning to walk in the mist of these and get to and from around the place you call home.

Missions is wonderful. Missions is hard.

Its holidays away from your loved ones, all for the sake of the call.

It’s watching your family and friends back home via Skype, Facebook and Instagram.

It’s not having a “home” here or there. Because you’re always in between worlds.

It’s watching your children use play to share God’s love.

Its hard goodbyes and wonderful hellos.

It’s learning to do things the hard way, like cooking from scratch because there are no instant foods available.

It’s dealing with unstable governments, water and electric shortages, and even earthquakes, typhoons, and tsunamis (depending on where you live).

But missions is also seeing people who have never heard of Christ, realize their need of Him. It’s teaching others the Word of God, so that they can go tell their family and friends.

It’s living out the gospel among people who worship gods who can’t see or hear.

Missions is the answer to the lost around the world today. Missions is a calling and a way of life. Missions is the Gospel lived out loud.


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