Parenting in this broken world…..

kidsEveryday I check the news from my home away from home. Living on the other side of the world from where I grew up,leads me to try to keep up with life on the other side.Yet, each day as I check the news and read report after report of attacks on the police, terrorism around the world, and politics, I walk away feeling defeated.

My heart quakes and breaks over my children 8, 12, and 13 growing up in this world. I want to hide them away and keep them protected from it all. Yet, the reality is this is the world they will grow up in. I can’t hide them away, so instead I have to prepare them to stand for truth, hold tight to the Lord and pray that God will use them for His glory.

I’ve told my husband before that in one sense I’m thankful they are presently growing up here. For though this nation is anything but Christian, it isn’t trying to pretend it is either. My kids are respected for their beliefs far more here than they probably would be there.

Yet, one day we will leave this place and they will be faced with the realities of a nation once under God, yet now so far from Him. And should they travel to another place to serve God, they will be met with hostility for believing in the One True God.

The reality is, things on this earth will most likely not get better, they will most likely get worse. It seems it does each and every day.

But God….

God is our rock. He is our strength and He guides our way.

Today the kids and I read about the Israelites following God in the wilderness. Following the cloud by day and the fire by night. Staying camped as long as the cloud remained and journeying on if the cloud/fire moved. My kids know all about waiting on God, as our family has had to do this numerous times. They know that following God is not always easy or fun. They understand the challenges that come with allowing God to direct your steps.

They know this because they have been through this as a family.

Yet, it is my desire that the lessons they have learned will become personal as they begin having to make choices on their own.

My prayer that they will hold fast the Lord and rely upon His strength, so they can be like the house built upon the rock that did not fall down. And not rely upon themselves, thus becoming like the house built upon the sand.

Friend, you and I are raising our children in a dark time in history. Everyday the news broadcast one tragedy after another. The Truths nations use to stand upon, have slipped away, and have been replaced with tolerance for any and all things.

And as much as we’d like to hide our children from this, the reality is this will not help them. Because one day all too soon, they will go out into this world and have to make decisions on their own. It is our job to prepare them now for then. Our duty to instill in them God’s Word and believe that it will not return void.

There is no promise that they will remain in God’s Word or remain faithful to Him. Yet, it is our responsibility to train them up in God’s Ways and trust the rest to the One who loves them more than we do.

So let us commit together to pray diligently for them, to teach them diligently and to realize the great ministry we have been given as parents.


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