A vapor and it’s gone…..

fleeting lifeIt seems the older I get, the quicker it seems the days, weeks, months and years pass me by. It seems like only yesterday my oldest son was born, but now in a few months he will somehow be 14. My three little ones are now 8, 12, and 14… how can this be? Where has the time gone?

But the Bible lets us know that our life is but a vapor. Here today, but gone tomorrow. David says it like this, “LORD, make me to know my end. And what is the extent of my days; Let me know how transient I am.“Behold, You have made my days as handbreadth; And my lifetime as nothing in Your sight;  Surely every man at his best is a mere breath (Psalm 39:4-5).”

Having been married now 15 years, we have lived in 6 different homes, 3 different countries, and made countless friends whom I will never see again this side of Heaven. Through it all I’ve learned quite a bit about being transient. This word means to last only a short time, not permanent.

Now living in a third world country, I know even more how unsure life can be. How quick life can change in an instant. Why people living here live for today.

But even through all of this, I’ve still yet to grasp just how fleeting, how temporary life is. How quick it is truly passing me by.

As I ponder these verses the other morning, I wept at the time I’ve wasted. Doing good things, when I could have been doing better things. Investing in things that are meaningless when I should have been investing in eternal things.

But this is where Satan would have me, us stay. In a place that says I’ve failed.

But God….

But God says, today is a new day. This is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad in it.

The truth is if you are alive today, you have been given another chance to make a difference. Another chance to invest in that which matters. To have your life count for the Kingdom.

We all fail, we are all selfish, and we like to do the things that gratify the flesh.

Yet, as Paul says, we must discipline ourselves, making the most of our days, storing up treasures that will last forever.

We are all transient. Our days are fleeting, they are a mere handbreadth.

This is the truth. The question then is what will we do with this short life we have been given? How will we use that which we’ve been given.

Are we living for today or for THAT day?

As the Lord used these verses to work in my heart, I realized how guilty I am of having good ideas, making great plans, but somehow failing to follow through.

Good plans, good intentions are just that good.

They do not become great, until they are accomplished.

Let us then not just talk about living for the Lord and making our lives counts. Let’s go out and live this, for His glory and honor!

Our life is but a vapor… how then will we spend it?


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