A Year Later…

earthquakeOn April 25, 2015 a 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 9000 people, destroying homes, businesses, schools and hospitals, and leaving many people living outdoors for months on end.

Since this time, Nepal has also faced an unofficial blockade with India, resulting in lack of petrol, cooking gas, and basic food items.

It has been a crazy year to live in Nepal. Yet, one thing is for sure God has been faithful through every season. Faithful to take care of us, provide for us, and comfort us when afraid.

He has taught me that each day is a gift, not to be taken for granted. For you never know what the day holds, nor if tomorrow will come.

I’ve learned that “When I’m afraid, I (can) trust in God”, as over 400 aftershocks have rattled my nerves throughout the year.

The Lord has shown me what it means to depend on Him, when we weren’t sure if we’d have enough cooking gas, petrol, or water. Teaching me that He is my provider.

Living in such an unpredictable place, I have realized that only my Heavenly Father is truly faithful and dependable. Life and others will certainly fail, but He never does.

I’ve learned to hold loosely to stuff, which can be taken away or destroyed. Realizing that it is far better to store up treasures in Heaven than here on this earth.

Most importantly God has shown me that what matters most in investing in the lives of others, my husband, my kids, my friends, neighbors and strangers I meet each day.

This time last year, our family was huddled in the flower garden across from our home, as we waited out numerous aftershocks that continued all night long. This time last year, when the big quake began, I was at a loss for what was even taking place. This time last year, sleep often eluded me.

But a year later, God has proved over and over that He is faithful. He is good. He is trustworthy. He is all I need.

I certainly do not know what tomorrow has in store, but I’m confident that whatever the day holds, my God will be with me through it all!



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