A Needed Reminder

prone to wonderIt seems here lately that I’m becoming more and more forgetful. Just the other day I almost had a nervous breakdown because I thought I had left my computer bag on a local microbus… when in actuality, I had left it at home.(Big sigh of relief πŸ™‚ ) My husband and kids laugh and say I’m loosing my mind. I think they must be driving me crazy! πŸ™‚

Yet the reality is, we are all forgetful, and we all need to be reminded of things. (Like reminding our kids to brush their teeth EVERY SINGLE NIGHT).

But as I finished reading the book of Joshua today and began Judges, I was shocked at how many times as Joshua neared the end of His life that he repeatedly reminded the Israelites of all God had done for them. He also told them again and again to be very careful to keep God’s commands, to hold fast to Him, to love Him etc.

Now you spiritual folks might think it would be unnecessary for Joshua to tell them to be very careful to love God…. but more than once he says this. More than once he reminds them to obey the book of law. More than once he says, remember it is God who brought you this far, God who fought for you, God who is with you.

The book of Joshua ends with the people choosing this day to serve the Lord, and making promises to hold fast to the Lord. Yet, years pass, and it says, the people neither knew the Lord or what He had done.

It seems to me that they had forgotten to not only remember these things, but most certainly they had forgotten to pass down these things to their children and the next generation.

And if you’ve read the rest of the book, you know that things only got worse for the Israelites as they failed to do as God said, and instead of fighting for them. God used their enemies to punish them.

As I read this, I was struck by those little words… “be very careful to love the Lord your God(Joshua 23:11).”

How often do we just assume we will love God? We say we love God, but do we really? How is our love for Him displayed to the lost world every day?

Over and over we are told to remember what God has done, because we typically forget. Over and over we are told to be diligent to hold fast to the Lord, because we typically hold fast to this world.

The Lord tells us to serve Him, yet so often we are prone to serve ourselves.

It is easy to talk about God, easy to even teach God’s Word… yet the real test is if we will live out this Word.

There is indeed a lost and dying world looking to see if we really believe what we say. Lost friends and neighbors who care more about what we do, than what we say.

We must take the time to think upon and remember what God has done for us. Lest we take it for granted. Take Him for granted, or worse yet, believe that somehow we deserve His goodness.

Joshua knew the hearts of the people. He knew that they were prone to wonder. Knew that they would probably fall away. God certainly knew, yet He chose them and loved them anyway. Time after time, having mercy upon them, which they didn’t deserve.

How important then is it that we remember and remind ourselves as well as our kids of the greatness of our God. He is good, He is faithful, He is loving and kind. He is merciful and just, gracious and powerful.

So, “Let us be very careful to love the Lord our God!”



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