Dreams and lessons from God

christ returnThe other night I had a dream. A dream I actually remembered when I woke up. A dream unfinished by the sound of my alarm. A dream I wished I could go back to sleep to find out what happened.

But it was a dream that was so real, so real in fact that it seems a reality. And as I pondered this dream I realized a lesson God was seeking to teach me, and all of us.

See in my dream, my family and I were living on the beach (yea, I told you it was a dream 🙂 )  But this day in my dream it was not a nice sunny day. In fact in my dream it was pouring down rain and the winds were howling. There were hurricane warnings, and alarms sounding.

Yet, all around me, it seemed to my family, neighbors and friends, that they were oblivious to the warnings. My husband and kids were inside the house wrestling, my neighbors were having a party, and my friends were calling to see what was for dinner.

It seemed insane. I wanted to shake everyone and tell them to take a close look outside. Don’t you see how close those waves are to reaching our homes. Don’t you care that we are all about to be wiped away or blown away? Shouldn’t we at least get on our roofs?

But there was no response from anyone…. then I woke up.

Weird right… but as I pondered this dream the Lord spoke to my heart. Saying, “Don’t you see, the end is near? Don’t you care that people are dying every day without having heard the name of Jesus? What about your neighbors and friends, have you warned them? Shouldn’t you at least be praying for your lost friends and family and the lost around the world?”

See, the truth is we are to be “dressed in readiness.” We are to live each day as if the Lord could return at any moment. Live each day as if tomorrow may never come. The one who has been told they have a few months to live, doesn’t waste a moment. They eat everything they want, travel to as many places as possible and love and hold close to their hearts those they hold dear.

As believers, who know and “believe” God’s Word. Should we be any different. Not living reckless lives, pursuing our own wants and dreams. But living recklessly abandoned to our Lord. Pursuing to know Christ and to make Him known. Loving and sharing the Gospel with those near by. Pointing them to the warning signs, praying that God would open their eyes.

Today, my husband preached from Titus 2, where Paul instructs Titus to teach the people sound doctrine. My husband loves theology and said he was struck by the message Paul gave. Because if you stop at Paul’s instruction to teach sound doctrine, you might think he wanted Titus to teach them Systematic, Christology, or so forth. But this isn’t what he says… he goes on to say, teach the older men, the younger men, the older women, the younger women, how they are to live, so that the Gospel may go forth and salvation may be made known to others.

He went on to share that this sound doctrine, was not just more Bible knowledge. This sound doctrine was how they were to live out the Gospel.

Jesus said we are to shine as cities on a hill. We are to be the salt of the earth. Our lives are to point others to Christ. Declaring salvation.

So I ask you and I ask myself? How are we doing? Are we living out the Gospel each and every day. Before our lost family and friends. And are we not only living it out, but are we declaring it to the lost around us? Do we live each day as if Jesus could return at any moment? Are we dressed in readiness, prepared as  bride for her wedding day?

He is coming. Let us then use our time wisely, making the most of our days. Living out the Gospel, and proclaiming His kingdom until He returns.

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