To the one who is waiting on God…

thG2HN27RCI know it is hard, I understand.

I’ve been where you are, and it is a tough place to be.

For two years, our family went through a time of waiting. A time wondering what God was doing and why at times He just seemed silent.

Two years of seeking to know what He wanted, two years of praying, fasting and crying out to Him.

Then, He answered, and led us to the other side of the world to serve Him.

In those two years, we learned so much about trusting Him. And in those two years, He worked to prepare us for the life we are now seeking to live.

In my quiet time this week, as I read the story of Abraham and Sarah, I was reminded of some truths about waiting.

Waiting on God often leads to….

  1. Doubt, and questioning if God knows or cares.

Abram and Sarai had been promised that their offspring would outnumber the stars in the sky… yet years and years passed before this came to pass. Times when they doubted and wondered at God’s promise.

2. Blame

-Sarai blamed God for keeping her childless, believing the lie that it was somehow His fault. That God was holding out on her.

3. Leads to scheming

-When Sarai became impatient with God, she came up with her own plan.

4. Anger

-When Sarai’s plan didn’t seem to work, or go as planned. She became angry with both Abram and Hagar.

But God is gracious and though we often fail, He is faithful to bless us and do as He has promised. Though Abram and Sari failed to wait, failed to trust. God still established His covenant with them.

5. Can lead to confusion

Abram thought it would be easiest if Ishmael was the chosen one. To him, this made sense. But the easy way is not always the best way. And God’s ways are always greater and higher than our own.

6. Unbelief

-When Sarai heard God’s plan, she laughed. She didn’t believe it was possible at her age to have a child. But God spoke and made it clear that “nothing is too hard for the Lord.”

7. Fear

-Sarai was afraid when she knew that He’d heard her laugh and lied, to try to cover it up.

8. Many times lead to sin

– In the midst of the wait for the promise. Abram and Sarai go to the Negev. Abram fears for his life, so he has Sarai lie about who she is. But God, spoke to Abimelech in a dream, preventing Him for taking Sarai as His own, protecting His good and perfect plan.

9. Eventually leads to fulfillment

-Though Sarah and Abraham lost their way and gave into their own plans. In God’s perfect time and way, He allowed Sarah to conceive just as He had promised.

10. Leads to joy.

-The fullfillment of God’s plans, though the waiting is heard, lead to joy and fulfillment.

God’s ways and His plans often fail to make sense.We can’t understand at times what He is doing or why things have to be so hard. But His goal isn’t to make life easy for us, but to transform us into His likeness. To teach us to truly trust and depend upon Him.

After the promised child comes, the one through whom the descendents will come through. God tells Abraham to take Issac,the son he loves, and to offer him as a sacrifice.

Along Abrahams journey of faith, He has grown in his walk with the Lord. He has learned to trust Him. And though what God asked didn’t make any sense. Abraham did as God asked, but He believed God would do something great. For he tells the servants to wait, until they had made the sacrifice and then they’d return.

It got to the point that Abraham had Issac upon the altar, ready to slay him, when God spoke and told him to stop because He knew Abraham feared Him alone, and He provided the ram.

Throughout Abraham’s journey of faith, he has often feared man, feared for his life, but now God sees He fears Him alone.

In our faith walks, there are always times of waiting. And times of waiting are hard. But don’t lose heart, God sees where you are. He has a plan and He will bring it to fulfillment as you wait on Him. And take heart, though you may fail along the way, He is faithful. He is gracious, and His plans will not thwarted.

As you go through the wait, He is preparing you for bigger things.

Had God asked Abraham at the beginning of his journey to sacrifice Issac, I’m sure he would have probably failed. But through the journey, as God taught Him to look to Him and to trust in Him He came to understand who God is and to rely upon the Almighty God, whom He served.

When I look back upon our time of waiting, I realize how much like Sarai and Abram I was. My fleshly tendencies often led me to give into the above. Yet, though I failed, He never did. Though I didn’t understand or see the big picture. God did.  And had we never gone through the waiting, and learned to rely upon Him, we wouldn’t be able to know Him as we do today. He did so much in that time of waiting to prepare us for today. Teaching us things we might not have learned any other way.

So to the one who is waiting upon God, don’t lose heart.

Rejoice and know He is there with you. Walking beside you and carrying you when you don’t feel you can go on.

Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.

Learn from Him as you wait, knowing that the lessons learned now, will be lessons He has you teach others in the days ahead.

Nothing is wasted in God’ good and perfect plan.




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