Thankful for the little things

thanful for little thingsLife in Nepal has taught me to be thankful for the small things.

Because when you live third culturally you begin to realize all you have taken for granted all your life, and you learn to process things differently.

This past Thanksgiving, our family made a thankful box. Each day, we would write something we were thankful for on a slip of paper and put it into the box. Then on Thanksgiving day, we dumped them all out and took turns reading them.

I was amazed at the things my three kids had written they were thankful for. Things they would never have been thankful for were we back in the USA.

Slip after slip showed they were thankful for food, water, electricity, cooking gas, and petrol. Things that aren’t as easy to come by here, especially since the blockade that begin almost five months ago.

In the past month, not only have the above been limited, but the load shedding (time without electricity) has also increased. At this point, it is off 13 hours a day, and most of the “on” time takes place while I’m sleeping.(makes tons of sense I know).

Today, we came in from school and work, arriving just as the electric came on. I knew I had about four hours to get much accomplished. So I rushed to make coffee, wash cloths, pump water, and cook food for dinner and for breakfast. I was so pumped that the electric was on, and not only was it on, but it was at full voltage.

The day before when I tried to wash clothes, it sent our inverter into overload and would not wash. Due to the low voltage. So for two days, clothes set in the wash in yucky water. (Needless to say, they had to be re-washed) but the crazy thing was… I was just thankful I could get them washed again today.

Life here is teaching me to be thankful for the little things. Nepal is teaching me to be grateful and not to take things for granted. I’m learning that God shows up in the small things and the big things. Realizing that it is a choice I make daily. A choice to complain or be thankful.

Giving thanks brings joy. Giving thanks honors God. Giving thanks shows the Father how dependent you truly are upon Him.

What little things are you thankful for today? The old hymn tells us to Count our blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done…

Are you counting your blessings, if so, make sure to express your gratitude to the King of Kings. And realize even if your going through a hard time, that you most likely do have it better than most of the rest of the world.

Blessings from Nepal



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