How will you spend your vapor?

vapor“So how will you spend your vapor of a life…Will you try to make your life call attention to itself? Or will you put every ounce of effort into calling attention to the God who alone is worthy of glory?”-Francis Chan

I found this quote on a blog I was reading the other day, and I can’t get it out of my head.

It’s quite profound, quite convicting as well.

For if we are all honest, we read this quote and think, wow, I want to put every ounce of my effort into calling attention to God, who is the only one worthy of glory. Yet, how much of out time is focused instead on ourselves?

In Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love, he quotes, “When we love God because we feel we should love Him, instead of genuinely loving out of our true selves, we have forgotten who God really is.” He goes on to say, this is a type of spiritual amnesia.

Such amnesia I’m ashamed to say, I have too often. This tendency to forget my first love. Tendency to forget who I once was, and who I am because of Christ.

I’m all together too forgetful. Failing to remember how great God is, how blessed I am, and how undeserving I am.

Instead contrary to the quote above, I’m prone to call attention to myself and spend far too much of my vapor thinking about me, and what I want.

Yet, I read this quote and I’m reminded of this profound truth…. that this life is just a vapor. Here one minute, gone the next.

And I want my vapor to count for Him. I want my life to call attention to how great and awesome God is.

All too often as Christians, we are busy doing good and even great things… but our tendency is to say, “Hey, look at me.”

When this is nothing more than idolatry. For everything we do or don’t do… should cry out, “Hey, look at my awesome God.”

It is a new year. Only four days in, and I have resolved to make this year count for Him.

This tiny vapor of a life, may it point others to the One true God.

How about you? What will you spend your “vapor” of a life doing? Whom will you serve with your “vapor?”

Yet, let me make one thing clear.

Good intentions are not enough. And the enemy will spend his energy to keep you distracted. He will wreak havoc in your life, if your sole purpose is to honor God.

So don’t be surprised as you seek to make this year count for God, if things aren’t easy.

Satan has been a liar, schemer and thief since the creation of the world. He will aim to pull you away from your purpose.

But, stand firm.

Commit each day to the One true God. Pray that God will enable you to recognize Him in each day. And live hard for Him.

Your friends may think your a radical… but who cares.

The only One who matters is the Lord.

Let’s live this vapor of a life, sold out to Christ. Seeking to use all we have, and all we are to glorify Him.

Then on “that” day, we will hear, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

And it will have been WORTH IT ALL.


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