Lessons learned from Nepal

lesson from god “When God is all you have, you realize that He is all you need…(unknown)”

I have learned a lot this past year living in Nepal.

I’ve learned what an earthquake feels like, and the huge difference between a tremor and the real deal.

I’ve learned that God is bigger than my fears, and that I can lie down and sleep in peace, knowing that my God is in control of all things.

I’ve realized that every big “boom” is not another quake, and that I don’t need to jump at every sound.

That I can live without electricity, even cooking gas if needed… but water is a must.

God has taught me that no one is promised tomorrow, so it is important to make sure I live for today.

I’ve learned how important the prayers of God’s saints are, and that it is through prayer, that true ministry takes place.

The Lord has shown me it is okay not to have all the answers, okay to say I don’t know.

He has illustrated vividly that though life is unpredictable, He is always faithful. Though nothing here is certain, His Word always is.

I’ve learned that though it is good and right to plan, truly God will determine my steps.

He’s taught me that this world truly is not my home, and reminded me afresh that we are pilgrims only passing through.

Living here, God has shown me more of my sin, my pride, my selfishness, my want for my way. And I’ve learned that I have a long way to go in becoming more and more like Christ.

He’s teaching me now and each day that I can’t worry about tomorrow, because today has enough trouble of its own. Showing me that I can’t worry about tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Sufficient is His grace for today.

I’m learning that when I don’t understand, He does.

When things are hard, He’s there with me.

When I want to know “why”, it’s usually so I will rely not upon myself but upon the God who can raise the dead.

And though life isn’t always easy, He never said it would be.

He has shown me that when my strength is gone, His is perfect to carry me through.

And I’m learning that my true joy can only be found in Him.

He is sufficient, He is enough.

These are just a glimmer of the things God has taught me this year. How about you? What truth, what mysteries has God shown you.

I challenge you as God has challenged me to think on these things. To take time to “remember” what He has revealed to you. Then to look forward in anticipation to all that He has in store for you this next year!

Happy New Years from Nepal!


2 thoughts on “Lessons learned from Nepal

  1. Carol

    Wow… Well said. Remembering and writing my own list now. Focusing on what God wants us to learn is the only way to endure the challenge of life… Not only here where the struggles are so evident… But in our walk with Him anywhere. Thank you for sharing this…it really encouraged me today!

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