Christmas a part of every day……….

after christmasGrowing up my most favorite day of the year, was Christmas. Yet, it was quickly followed by what seemed to be the worst day of the year, December 26th. (Come on, you have to admit it’s true)

For over a month, the anticipation of Christmas, builds and builds. Then the day finally arrives, and it is a wonderful day. But, then it is over. Now, we have to wait an entire year more for that great day again.

This past week in our family devotion times, my husband asked a question in light of this reality. He asked, “How do we allow Christmas to affect our every day the whole year-long?”

A question I thought a lot about this past week, a question from which he preached this past weekend. Leading us on a journey to look at those within the Christmas story. He showed us the shepherds, Simeon and  the wise men. All who heard a message from God, saw Jesus, which led them to worship Him.

My husband shared that in order to keep Christmas a part of everyday, we too must hear a Word from God on a regular basis, so that we can see Jesus high and lifted up, in order that we might worship Him from a heart of pure and holy worship.

So simple, yet so difficult. For most of us want to be close to the Lord. We desire and long to be transformed into His image. And we want God to just “do” this in our heart, in our lives.

But, as my husband preached from Proverbs 2. In order to get wisdom, in order to understand the fear of the Lord, in order to see Jesus…. we must accept God’s Word and store it in our hearts, turn our ears to wisdom and apply understanding to our hearts, look for insight and cry out for understanding, looking for it as a hidden treasure, only then will we understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

Do we really want to see Jesus, then we must seek Him out, search for Him as hidden treasure. For only when we see Him in all of His glory, are we transformed into His likeness, leading us to pure and holy worship.

Jesus came, leaving all of Heaven. Taking the form of human likeness. Becoming a servant, in obedience to the Father.

Likewise, we must remember that we once were lost, but now are found. We must remember we were once blind, but now we see. Recognizing the Father’s great love for us, so much in fact, we are called children of God (I John 3:1). We must remember that in His grace and mercy, not because of anything we had done, He saved us. When we did nothing to deserve this gift.

The more we ponder these things, the more we search Jesus out. The more “Christmas” will affect all 365 days of the year.

Tomorrow, I will clean the house and take down the decorations. But, Christmas lingers on in our lives. Because Christmas is a celebration of Christ. A celebration that takes place not only on December 25th, but the whole year through.



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