God’s Message

faithI just found a message from God written in my Bible recorded, September 8, 2014, concerning Nepal.

“Be strong and do what I have called you to. Do not be afraid For I am with you!”

Had a known then what I know now concerning life in Nepal,this would have made a lot of sense. However, at the time, we had just arrived, having only been here for 11 days. At this time, we were busy trying to get settled, and find a place to live. Life was chaotic, and I’m sure I was stressing out, but God’s message brought calm to my heart.

Now fourteen months later, having experienced two catastrophic earthquakes with over 400 aftershocks, and being in the midst of life in Nepal, where an unofficial 2 1/2 month blockade between India and Nepal is taking place. God has brought fresh into my life, this same message.

For God says…..

Be strong: It won’t be easy. You will want to quit and might want to leave. But, be strong. Find your strength in Me, and allow my joy to be your strength on the good days and the bad days.

Do what I’ve called you to do: Despite the circumstances,despite the difficulties. Do what i have called you to do. Which is to be My light in this dark place. Which is to point others to Me and to train and disciple those who do know me. So that they can go and reach more.

Do not be afraid: You will struggle with fear living in a place where nothing is for certain. Your flesh will want to give into fear. The enemy will want to consume you with fear. But don’t give in. Have faith in Me, for it is Me who is in control and holds all things in my hands.


I am with you! Nothing that happens in your life will take Me by surprise. No matter what does happen, I am with you. So you can be strong, you can do what I have called you to do and you can fear not.

It is ironic that today, November 8th, 2015, I found a message from God from months ago. Yet, this was not by accident. Just as it was my message then, it is my message today.

It is also your message. Because no matter where you are or what God has called you to do. His message rings true. “Be strong, do what God has called you to do. Do not be afraid. For He is with you!


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