In His Presence

his presenceSaturday morning was a rush. I had hit snooze a few too many times. Rushed around crazily trying to get everyone dressed for church, and  get myself dressed.

I ran down stairs and made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast (because chocolate is always good, any time of day), and coffee…. lots of coffee.

After everyone had eaten, the dishes were washed, we got into the car, and headed to the church. Dodging, motorbikes, cars, people, and cows along the way.

I practiced with the children for our upcoming choir performance, and finally sat down for worship.

This was my husbands Saturday to preach. So for a change, I understood the message since it was in English, and God spoke to my heart. Reminding me of why He had sent us here. Reminding me that though some days are hard, it is all worth it.

And as we stood to sing and to pray, such amazing peace washed over my heart. Peace that truly passes all understanding.

It was then that I realized the beauty of being in His presence.

For it is in His presence we find joy. In His presence we find peace.

It is in His presence that all the rest of “life” slips away, and we are caught up in His amazing love.

It was a beautiful moment, but also a moment of conviction. For I realized that I had neglected His presence that morning in my rush to get to church. I understood the importance of being in His presence.

The Bible tells us to “Be still and know I am God, I will be exalted among the nations…” Just be still.

I’m learning that God doesn’t really need me. He can accomplish His works without my help.

But I’m finding that apart from Him, I truly can do nothing. It is me, who needs Him, every moment of every day.

The Lord is teaching me that in order to have joy, peace, love, strength… I must dwell in His presence.

As the service closed, and the business of the rest of the day loomed ahead, I had peace, I had joy. Both of which came from Him.

Sometimes living in such a different culture is hard. Many times, I lack understanding.

Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Where are you today? Are you running on empty? Feeling frazzled, exhausted, worn. Believe me I know and I understand. I’ve been there.

But my advice to you and to myself is this…. Go, and get alone with the Lord. Dwell in His presence, draw your strength from Him. Allow Him to transform your mind, and fill your heart with peace.

Often we “think” we don’t have time to spend time with the Lord.

Yet, this is the lie of Satan. We dont’ have time, not to spend time with the Lord.

And we will run on empty, we will feel frazzled if we seek to live for Him and serve Him in our own strength, our own power.

Instead, we must go and sit at HIs feet. Draw near to Him and allow Him to draw near to us.

Only then will we find the joy, peace, love, hope, grace and strength for what lies ahead.



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