When your too busy to sit at His feet…..

mary and marthaAll too often it seems the Lord reminds me of Mary and Martha, and He points out that I’m acting way too much like Martha and not enough like Mary.

Since being in Central Asia, it seems the opportunities for ministry are limitless. The needs endless. The days seem to slide into the next, months fly by, yet the work is never done.

And if I’m not careful, I become too busy “doing ministry” to sit at His feet!

When this happens, burnout is not far behind.

The truth is whether you’re a lay person, a pastor’s wife, or a missionary, the temptation to “do for Jesus” often outweighs the desire to “sit at His feet.”

In reality, the work will always be there, the needs will always exist. And though serving the Lord and others is important. More important is the time we spend with Him.

Why do so many get burned out and quit the ministry?

I believe many quit and burn out because they fail to sit daily spend time with the Lord. They fail because they rely upon their strength and not His. They get too busy doing, that they forget whom they do all these things for.

So what do you do when your too busy to sit at His feet?

1. You repent. First and foremost you must ask the Lord to forgive you for not putting Him first. Even doing ministry which is good, can not come before your time with Him.

2. Examine your life. Did God call you to do all the things you are busy doing, or do you need to learn to say no?

3. Determine a plan of how you are going to discipline yourself to daily set aside time to meet with the Lord.

4. Follow through with your plan.

5. Draw your strength and the grace needed from the Lord to do the things He has called you to do.

We all most likely have Martha tendencies. Yet, how much more should we strive to be like Mary. Whose greatest desire, was to be as close to Jesus as possible.

In our fast paced world, sometimes we have to make a point to slow down.

In the midst of ministering, we have to recognize that we first must be ministered to by the Lord.

For though we strive to do it all in our strength, we will surely fail.

Yet, what amazing things God can do through us, if our strength is found in Him.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be like Mary than Martha… let us then make this our aim. Even more so, let our aim be to be more and more like Jesus!




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