True Freedom

fourth of julyOn a day when America celebrates her independence, I’m sure the feelings are a bit mixed.

Seeing as many of America’s so-called freedoms have been removed, and new laws enforced.

It would be easy to become bitter and angry.

But I encourage you as believers not to focus with all that is wrong (that’s easy), but instead to be thankful for the true freedom you have in Christ.

In Christ, you are forgiven.

In Him, your sins have been washed away.

Because of the blood, you are righteous and have every spiritual blessing.

This my friend, is more than enough reason to rejoice.

Yet if you are still in need, give thanks that presently you do have the freedom of religion. You can worship freely and have a Bible of your own.

In many countries around the world this is not true.

Even where we live now, many are persecuted for following Jesus.

In other countries, you can be killed for the freedom you have.

And though the world may seem to be falling apart, and though it will probably get worse, not better.

We can rejoice, because God is still God and He is on His throne.

We can give thanks because on Calvary, Jesus said, “It is finished.”

And though there is nothing good in us, there is everything good found in Christ.

For everything that we are not, He is!

Let us then celebrate this Fourth of July for the true freedom we have, in Christ.


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