Because We aren’t Home Yet

not home yetIt seems when you turn on the news these days, it is just bad.

You see images of the fightings in Syria, Africa and the Middle East. You hear reports of ISIS, and persecution. But it isn’t all things happening far away. The news, shows events taking place in our own backyards. From church shootings, to churches being burned, to the supreme courts decision to “redefine” marriage.

It all looks and seems horrible, and it is.

And to be honest if we focus on all that is wrong, we will quickly become depressed. We will quickly lose hope.

For so long the persecution of believers has been what happened on the other side of the world, yet I believe now we will begin to see this taking place even in the US as believers seek to stand up for what they believe.

But should we be surprised by these events?

To be honest, no.

Jesus said before He returns, things will get bad. There will be war and rumors of war. There will be earthquakes and natural disasters. Children will turn on parents, and parents on children. It will get bad.

Jesus also told us not to be surprised when times of tribulation come, instead we should expect it.

Paul would tell us to embrace it, to in fact rejoice in it.

Believers in China would tell us that persecution is a good thing because it shows who is the real deal and who is not. It grows the faith of the followers of Christ.

No, we should not be surprised by the latest news events. Should these things grieve our hearts, yes. Should we fall on our knees to pray for God’s mercy and grace, absolutely.

But we should not lose heart.

Because I have good news.

God still wins in the end.

And even better, we are not home yet!

One day, this earth will all pass away, along with all the sin, death, and corruption.

One day we will be home.

But until then, we must endure. We must press on in Jesus name, knowing that His grace and His strength are prefect.

Until then, we must rest in the fact that though they can kill the body, they can not kill the soul (Mathew 10:28).

Friend, we are not home yet…

Let us then take each day the Lord entrust to us, and live it fully, and completely for His glory, honor and praise.

Yes, we may face persecution, we may be laughed at and ridiculed by our friends… but in light of eternity, it is a small price to pay.

Because this is not our home, but one day soon, we will be home with the Lord.

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