Allowing God to Choose

jim elliotOur family is reading through I Samuel in our morning devotions (well most mornings anyway 😉 ) and today we read of how the Israelites chose to have Saul as their king. “And now behold the king whom you have chosen, for whom you have asked: behold, the Lord has set a king over you (I Sam. 12:13).”

In this passage Samuel has reminded them of all God has done for them. How He has been with them and delivered them from countless enemies. Yet, they have rejected Him, and want instead a king, so that they can be like all the other nations.

Samuel is quick to let them know that God has heard their prayer and answered, though he knows this was not what was best.

This morning I made pancakes, and when the plate was passed to my daughter she was quick to take the one that was the biggest. My oldest son, said, “of course you took the best one.” I smiled and told him, he would most likely have done the same.

We all have a tendency to be like Lot, who looked at his options and chose for himself which was most appealing to his eyes. Whereas Abraham allowed God to choose for Him, and in the end received that which was best.

The truth is, if left to ourselves, we will choose according to our hearts desire. And if we desire something enough and ask the Lord for such request, He just might answer it. Though in the long run, what we sought was not the best.

Growing up, I can remember singing at the  top of my lungs the old Garth Brooks song, “Unanswered prayers.” Today I was reminded of this song. For though the author had prayed and asked God for many things, God had said no, because He had something better.

The other night my husband and I watched a Hallmark movie entitled “Loving Leah.” In this movie, the daughter is talking with her mom about her desire to go to college (though she is Jewish and this wasn’t looked favorably upon). Her mother made the statement, “Be careful, it may be that God will just give you what you want.” This stuck with me. For you see, she wasn’t meaning this in a good way. She was letting her daughter know that though she didn’t see this as God’s will, that the Lord just might answer her prayer and give her something which wasn’t His best.

I told the kids this morning, that it is always best to allow God to choose for us. It is always best to leave the answers up to Him. Sure, we can pray and  ask for that which our hearts desire, but we must allow God to decide. And that sometimes when God says no, it isn’t because He is being mean or holding out on us. It is just that He has something better for us, if we will just wait on Him and trust Him.

Our natural, fleshly tendency leads us to want to choose for ourselves where we will go, what we will do, whom we will marry, what job we will have, where we will live…..

Yet, it is better. No, it is best to allow the Lord to choose. Best to bring our request unto Him, but allow Him to do the leading.

Though we may not always understand His decisions, and at times, His choice may cause us pain or discomfort. He unlike us see’s the full picture and truly does know what is best for us.

For me, I would never have chosen to move my family to Nepal. I would have never have chosen to be here when the earthquakes occurred. I would not have chosen any of this. Yet, I rest in the fact that God has chosen this place and this time for us. Though I don’t always like His choice, and there are days it is hard. I know that His choice is best for us, and I rest in Him.

So then, let us, set our gaze upon Him, take our hands off the reigns and allow Him to truly lead us.


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