Finding Normal

imagesIt has been over a month now since the great Nepal earthquake.

And though most around the world have forgotten what took place on Saturday,April 25th.

The people of Nepal can’t seem to forget.

Finding “normal” has not been easy for anyone.

To this day, many continue to sleep outside because they have no home to return to, or out of fear.

A month later, schools are just set to resume tomorrow. Yet, schools for some kids will mean meeting under tarps because their school was destroyed.

The hospitals are full of wounded and mentally emotional people. Some who have lost arms and legs because of that one dark day.

I read today of the 7.8 earthquake (originally recorded at 8.5) quake that hit outside of Tokyo. And though the report read that the building swayed for a full minute, though I’m sure there was incidence of injury and possible deaths, it compared not to the 7.8 quake that struck Nepal.

Yet, already the news has moved away from Nepal, as most have moved forward.

But as a friend so eloquently put it, it is difficult to move forward with “normal” when daily the aftershocks continue.

The truth is, this earthquake set Nepal back many years. The truth is, Nepal was already behind the times, and now has even farther to go.

A Christian man told a friend that though he has a whole field of potatoes ready to sell, no one is buying.

The devastation here can’t be put into words.

And though many relief organizations are here, seeking to serve the people. Though money has been sent from various countries. It does not “fix” Nepal.

It won’t be long and the Monsoon rains will begin to pour. Already this past week, it has rained almost every night.

And as I sit inside my home, and hear the rains pour down, my heart hurts.

For all I can think of is the hundreds of people who are tonight sleeping under tarps. Tarps that do little to protect them from the rains.

And there is an urgency to go and help the people. A feeling of helplessness as I seek to comprehend the masses of people here who need help.

Yet, then I’m reminded that the urgency is far greater to go and tell them of Jesus. The One True Source of Help.

It still breaks my heart when I think of the 8.000 plus people who died as a result of this earthquake. I’m sad of course for the families, but more so I’m heartbroken over the fact that many of these died without knowing Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

When we first arrived to Nepal, I had a hard time adjusting, because there is little here that seems “normal” to my western mindset.

Even today as we drove to church, and passed at least 6 cows, all I could do was smile and shake my head. For to the Nepalese, this is normal, but to me… well far from it.

But normal since the earthquake is even greater, and not only for me as a westerner, but for the Nepali people.

Life is hard for the Nepali people, yet even more so now.

All over the city people are looking for safe shelters. Yet, many buildings, apartments, and homes have been declared unsafe.

Thousands have left Kathmandu for their villages. Yet for many of these villages, there is little that survived.

No finding “normal” in Nepal isn’t easy. Yet the people are trying, we are trying.

Tomorrow the kids will return to school, tonight we watched a hallmark movie via “YouTube.”

Why? Because life has to go on.

Satan would love to have everyone to live in fear, to paralyze people.

But Jesus came to give life and life abundant.

So we will find “normal” admist the rubble here in Nepal.

The people here who are so resourceful and hard working, will rebuild their homes, their lives.

But what they need, what we all need isn’t “normal,” it is forgiveness and eternal life.

For we can build homes, we can provide relief, but one day everyone will still die.

And on that day where will we all stand?

Will we hear “well done my good and faithful servant?”

Or, “depart from me, for I never knew you?”

It is my prayer that every one of you and the people of Nepal will hear, “Welcome Home, my good and faithful servant.

For on that day, that is the only thing that will matter!




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