god knows all thingsMany people here in Nepal are superstitious. Some common superstitions include that, if a crow sits in front of your house or above the roof, and it makes the sound “Kaa-kaa,” that means a guest will come.  If a woman’s left eye starts to twitch, it’s good luck, but if a man’s right eye starts to twitch, it’s bad luck. If someone leaves from the house for a special purpose (wedding, first day of school, traveling), he or she has to eat some yogurt for good luck.


Yesterday the people of Nepal were very scared. Because some fortune tellers predicted that another big earthquake would strike Nepal. For this reason, many stayed outside of their homes all afternoon. Some closed their shops for the day.

When I heard the news I was just finishing up Bible study time with the kids. I told my children what was being said. And my oldest asked the question, “I thought fortune tellers weren’t real?”

The truth is often times, when faced with questions concerning fortune tellers, witches, magic etc. I have been quick to say it is all just make-believe or pretend. Basically saying that these things aren’t real. Which is what Hollywood has strived to do for years, placing witches and wizards into cartoons and dressing up old ladies as fortune tellers.

Yet, the reality is, in many parts of the world and especially in Asia, fortune tellers are very much believed, as are witch doctors in numerous places throughout the villages.

So I had to explain that though sometimes these things are made up or pretend, that this isn’t always the case. And that the real ones do have powers, powers that come not from God, but from Satan.

To which Andrew replied, “well that’s kinda of freaky.” And I smiled and agreed. Yet, I couldn’t let it end there.

So I further explained that though these fortune tellers had predicted a great earthquake, our God is greater.

The truth is, God is the only one in control.  Satan has only the powers which the Father has allowed.

I asked the kids, “What do you think will bring the Lord more glory? If there is another earthquake proving the fortune tellers correct? Or, if nothing happens, showing that it is God who is in control?

The day came and it went, and though there were small aftershocks, there was no great earthquake like the people had predicted.

Why? Because only God knows these things. Because only God is in control.

Today a lady in the Bible study group commented how yesterday while at work, her boss said they would close up shop early due to these predictions. She said that she tried to tell the lady that nothing would happen, because God was in control, but the lady would  not believe.

Another lady shared how some had believed that a large quake was going to hit this past Saturday. She is the only Christian in her family, but on Saturday her grandson came to church with her. When they got home, everyone was outside in fear of another large quake. The boys parents tried to tell them to stay outside, but the little boy told them, that he was not afraid, he was going inside with his grandma, because her God was in control.

The truth is no one can predict what the day will entail, no one know what the future holds.

Except the Lord God Almighty.

I’m so thankful that My God showed Himself mighty yesterday, proving that it is He and He alone who is in control, and that nothing can happen that He doesn’t first give His approval to.

Blessings from Nepal.


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