God’s Protection

gods protectionToday I was talking to a new friend who mentioned that a Nepali lady came to her the other day,and asked her this question.

“Why is it that the temples were destroyed, but the churches are still standing?”

As she shared this with us, I had to smile. For the truth is on Saturday the day of the earthquake, all over Nepal, Christians were meeting in churches, but also on Saturday, many were meeting in temples, for festival. Yet, somehow most of the churches suffered little damage, while many temples were destroyed.

I have thought a lot about this today, and the fact that God did indeed take care of His own.

This isn’t to say that the Christians did not suffer loss, this isn’t to say that all were kept alive, and all homes were not destroyed. Yet, God was with His own.

My husband reminded me today of the story of Rahab. If you remember this story, Joshua and his men marched around the city of Jericho, day after day they marched, but on the last day,they shouted, and the walls came tumbling down. Yet, one home remained okay, Rahab’s. Because God watched over that family because they trusted in Him.

As I stated before, people here are dealing with a lot of fear. In fact though the government says you can sleep inside, many are still camped out outside, despite the mosquitos and rain.

It is my prayer that God will use this time, to remove the blinders from the Nepali’s eyes. That they will see that their gods can not protect. Their gods can not save. It is my prayer that God will make it clear that He has protected His own. It is my prayer that God will allow us to minister to the Nepali people, to pray with them and for them. That they will recognize that it is our God who reigns.

“When the ocean rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm. Father you are king over the flood, I will be still and know You are God.”

Blessings from Nepal


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