Some “first” I’d rather not experience….

nepal earthquakeIt has been said that there is a first time for everything. Saturday, I experienced two. My first earthquake and my first time sleeping in a plant nursery.

It all began as we were closing out our service on Saturday in prayers. All over the room, people were on their knees praying, when the floors began to shake. At first I didn’t know what was happening, but as it continued and grew stronger, I realized this was an earthquake. Immediately I forgot all of the safety rules I learned in school, and all I could think of was getting upstairs to where my kids were in class. But as I made my way to the door, a friend stopped me and told me to wait until it was over.

As soon as it stopped, I flew up the stairs to get my kids. At this point, everyone was telling us to get out of the building. As I got the kids outside, I looked down and realized in my haste to leave, I forgot my shoes. About that time, a guy upstairs began tossing shoes down. I grabbed mine and we made our way to an open space, where we would stay for the next few hours, as numerous after shocks came.

Finally we made it home, thankful to find the house unharmed and Eric and Landon safe (they had stayed home that morning b/c Landon was sick). How great it was to be all together again.

The afternoon was spent sitting in a field and that night brought about another first. The government had issued a warning that no one should sleep inside their homes, so when our neighbors invited us to sleep in the plant nursery, we took them up on their offer. Throughout the night there were many more tremors, and with each one, the people cried out in fear. Even as I write now, only an hour ago there was another strong aftershock. It seems to me that we will be spending a second night in the flower garden.

Yet I complain not, for I realize after hearing so much of the devastation, that we are blessed. Blessed to be alive and unhurt, blessed to have our home still standing, but more than anything, blessed to have had our eyes opened to the Lord.

As I hear the numbers of deaths rising, my heart aches. For I know that many who have died, did not know the Lord. They were not ready.

And once more I am reminded of the urgency of the Gospel. The urgency upon us all to go and tell the Good News of Jesus. None of us know what the day will entail.None of us know when our time will come.

Had we died yesterday I know I would have gone on to meet the Lord. How about you? Are you ready for that day? And if so, are you telling those who are not?

We are now catching a glimpse of the devastation in Nepal, now hearing stories of great needs. Yet, I ask that above all you would pray, pray for Nepal. Pray that God will use this tragedy to open wide the Gospel here, and that many will turn to Him to meet their greatest need of all.

Blessings from Nepal


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