Tested Faith

imagesThis past week my faith was tested on a whole new level, when my son woke up Thursday morning with over 104 degrees of fever,and a headache. Being in a foreign land, we were at loss with what to do. Thankfully, though very early, our pastor and friend agreed to meet us, and help get our son to the hospital. Since our other children were still asleep, I remained at home, doing the only thing I could do, praying.

I assumed they would go, and come back. So I took the other children to school, and came home ready to play nurse. Yet, as the hours continued to pass, test upon test were being done on our son, to find the reason for his fever. I was amazed at the number of test being done. In one day, they did a chest x-ray, an ultrasound, blood work, urine and stool samples, and even an EKG (due to his erratic heart beat). With each test, my husband sent me a text to let me know what was happening. And with each text, all I could do is pray.

I felt the Lord asking me to release Landon to him. I resisted, I wanted to tell God what to do. To tell Him, to heal him. Yet, God’s still small voice, kept saying, let him go, trust me with Him.

The day before I had read the account of Abraham and Issac, and throughout the day, the Lord kept reminding me of this story. Making it clear to me that I had to trust God to do what was best. I had to trust the Lord to provide the way. I had to be willing to release my son into the capable, loving hands of God.

Finally, the call came. They were on their way home, and though Landon was very sick with a bacterial infection, that was causing him great pain, he would be okay. Once more, I fell to my knees, this time thanking God for hearing and answering my prayers.

Today, I can look back,and smile. Because though God didn’t have to, He heard and answered my prayers. He gave the doctors wisdom, and helped them know what was wrong, and what to do.

Yet, I was also taught a valuable lesson. Though yes, God can be trusted, and though yes, we are to pray. What God desires is for us to submit to His ways. Just as with Abraham, he had to place Issac on the altar. I had to do the same with Landon. Allowing God to be in control, allowing God to work as only He can, allowing God to bring healing. There was nothing more I could do.

My husband will tell you, I like to be in control. Thursday, I was not. I couldn’t control anything. I could do nothing but pray, nothing but allow God to work.

Today my hubby preached on James 1. How we are to rejoice in trials, and how God uses trials to test our faith. He asked the congregation, what was Abraham’s first test. His first test was a drought, which led him to Egypt, which led him to lie about his wife. First test…failed. Yet, what was his last test? To sacrifice his son. And, he passed with flying colors. Eric said, he would never have passed the final test without first having gone through the other test. And he’s right.

The same is true of us. God uses trials of all shapes and sizes. He test us for our good, He test us to grow our faith and to prepare us for tomorrow.

This week, I was tested on a different level, and I watched as God intervened and fought on my behalf. I watched as He gave wisdom to the doctors, and heard our prayers.

My trials and yours are not the same. Maybe you have no trials presently.Maybe your trials are far greater than my own. Either way, we serve the One True God. We serve the God who cares, the God who sees, the God who hears,the God who is in complete control.

As my husband concluded in his sermon, may we allow God to use our trials to make us more like Jesus. May we endure through our trials, and even rejoice in them. Knowing that God is up to something far greater than we can understand.

Though weeping may last for the night, joy comes in the morning. Ps. 30:5



2 thoughts on “Tested Faith

  1. Glory Be to God!! We thank you for sharing this blessing from out of a trail. I’m joyful to hear your son, and you all is well. May we continue going through our trails, and grow Spiritually from them. They are our teaching tools. Agape!! Jesus Is always up to something that is Amazing!!☝🙌🙌😀💕👏🙏🙌

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