Trusting God in the day to day stuff…

trusting god1I am always amazed at how so often we as Christians trust God to save us (which is huge). We trust that the Bible is true and depend upon it.

Yet, so often we fail to trust Him in the day-to-day.

I know this to be true, because it is true of me as well.

Recently I was reading the account of Abram and how God came to him and said, “Go, leave your family, your possessions, your home ,and follow me to the land I will show you.”

Abram had no clue where he was going, and yet the Bible says, he and his family set out, leaving everything.

This was HUGE!

Yet, if you keep reading the Genesis account, you find that as they journeyed into Egypt, fear over took Abrams senses. Suddenly, his trust in God to care for him has vanished, and we find Abram scheming. Telling Sarai to tell everyone she is his sister, not his wife.

No more is Abram fearing and trusting God, he is fearing man and trusting himself.

Now, before we are too hard on Abram, I would vouch to say that this would often describe us in our Christian journeys as well.

We trust God to save our souls, but when a child is sick, we worry.

When finances are lacking, we stress.

When difficulties come, we wonder where is God.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Letting Go. My oldest son went on a three-day class trip.

And I found myself anxious, worried, and lacking trust at times that God could and would care for him.

How often in our lives, do we fall into the Abram trap. Trusting God for the big stuff, but failing to trust for the small things?

Leaving America and coming to the mission field, though hard, was somewhat easy. I just believed God had called us to go and that He would provide. And He did.

But since being here, I often find myself struggling to believe God in the little things.

And maybe to be honest, it isn’t that I lack trust, it is just that I believe I can handle the small things myself. So I work and strive and seek to figure my own way out of problems.

While all along, God is waiting for me to just turn to Him.

As with Abram, he assumed he could handle the situation, so he came up with his own plan concerning his wife.

Yet, God was there all along, watching and waiting.

And at just the right time, He intervened.

Friend, God can be trusted for the big things, but also for the little.

Just as He longs for us to depend on Him for our salvation. He desires that we depend on Him to take care of our kids, to meet our financial needs, to get us through the difficult days.

I’m learning that what the Lord desires, is that I take everything big and small to Him in prayer.

I’m learning that God cares for the smallest details just as He cares for the big.

Let us then seek to trust God with all the details of our lives.

To trust Him with our children, our finances, our day-to-day commutes to work etc.

He is worthy of our trust, because though we are not always faithful.

God is faithful, because He can not deny Himself!!!!!


One thought on “Trusting God in the day to day stuff…

  1. TGAWrites

    I’m with you on this. I totally relate. This describes ourselves as Christians. Sometimes we trust, sometimes we don’t. It’s hard to say but it’s a reality. Great post!!!! God Bless You.

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