When the well runs dry…

water from wellIt seems we have hit the start of the dry season, and we have many more months until the rains begin.

Yet already, our well is dry, and we have to purchase water now to do our wash, cook and to bathe.

About once a month, the big water truck, pulls up out front and with its long hose, it pumps water into our storage tank, so that we can then pump this water up to the roof. To use for household chores.

We have already learned how important water is, how vital it is to have.

And thankfully, as of now, we have no trouble purchasing water once a month, to make do until the rains begin.

Yet, what about a few months from now, when it gets really dry? Time will definitely tell.

The other day it rained unexpectantly. One minute it was sunny, the next the wind was blowing and the rains poured. We were excited, thinking that maybe we would have some water in the well.

So when the electric came on that night, we turned on the pump for the well. And we waited, and waited and waited. But no water came, and we realized for sure that our well was dry.

Today I was reminded of this as I pondered the Christian life.

Sometime our walk with the Lord is fresh and new, like a spring rain. Our love for Him overflows onto everything and everyone.

Then there are times, when our walk seems dry and stale. When it is difficult to feel close to the Lord.

So, what do we do, when our well is dry?

We go to the source!

Just as we have to go the water source to get our water. In our Christian life, we too must go to the source, we must go to the Lord.

And we have to immerse ourselves in His living waters, allowing Him to wash us afresh and anew.

It is then, that we are in need of His reminders. Allowing our hearts to ponder how great and amazing He is.

Often when my walk seems stale, it is because I have begun taking the Lord and His mercies for granted.

I have taken on an I deserve attitude, instead of having a grateful heart.

I have forgotten who I once was, a dead, sinful, evil person. Forgetting what Christ has done, and how He has made me alive.

So when your well has gone dry  go the source.

Get on your knees and cry out to Him.

Remember what He has done and who you once were.

Allow the Living Water to fill and sustain you.

Jesus told the women at the well, to drink from Him and she would never thirst again….

Are you thirsty? Have you stopped drinking from the Living Water?

He alone can satisfy.

May we allow the Lord to be our everything.


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