Saying Yes to God and No to the Flesh…

dogThis morning our dog got into trouble AGAIN…

She was caught digging in the flower beds once more.

It seems no matter how many times she is caught, no matter how many times she gets into trouble… she still digs.

And I thought to myself… why does she do this, knowing she’ll get into trouble?

It’s in her nature. See, Lab’s are notorious for chewing and digging, it’s what they do. Especially as pups.

So, just because it’s in her nature, does that mean we just let her dig up the yard?

Absolutely not… the only way she will learn is by discipline.

I’ve thought a lot about this today, and been reminded that though certainly not a dog, I have the same tendencies.

Not that I have a bad habit of digging in the yard :-), but I have a bad habit of following my old sin nature.

See, our sin nature naturally leans toward selfishness, jealousy, anger, pride, and more.

Paul had a similar problem. If you remember from the Scriptures, he asked, why do I do the things I don’t want to do?  Romans 7:15

This is the same problem we all have as believers in Christ. Because though we are new creations, though we have been forgiven and redeemed. We still live in a sinful, fleshly body.. that is prone to wonder, prone to sin.

So, do we keep on sinning? Absolutly not!

Just as with the dog, we have to discipline her not to dig.

We too must discipline ourselves not to sin. Not to give into the sinful nature.

Paul said, ” I beat my body into submission (I Cor. 9:27).”

Why would he say this? Because he knew that without discipline, he would fall into sin.

Likewise, as followers of Christ, we too must discipline ourselves.

Sure, we need to pray and ask God for help and for His grace.

But this is not enough. We can’t expect God to just zap us and change us.

Though He could, He won’t.

For He expects us to do our part.

So how can we discipline ourselves?

We can discipline ourselves by not taking that extra helping at dinner. By choosing a day to set aside to fast and pray. We can discipline ourselves by going to bed early so we can get up early. By speaking only what is good and uplifting, and refraining from using words that tear down.

Everyday, we have the choice to discipline ourselves. In the simple act of choosing that which is pleasing to God over that which our flesh says is easy or right.

Lord, we know we can do nothing apart from You. Yet, we come humbly before you today and ask that by your grace and through your strength, that You would help us to say yes to You and no to our flesh. We ask that You would enable us to discipline ourselves, beating our bodies into submission to Your ways, and not our own sinful ways.  Thank you that with You, all things are possible.

What are some ways the Lord has shown you, you can discipline yourself by? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Saying Yes to God and No to the Flesh…

  1. Hi! This is all so true…I could speak a lot on this with my own experience. I can truly relate, and agree. We must learn to discipline ourselves from sinning. I will share one way I discipline myself is by learning to just be quite, and to speak when its time to do so. That’s not always easy….I ask the Holy Spirit to Help me. Because the flesh be wanting to act crazy. Be still, and wait is what the Holy Spirit be speaking to me. Its the best thing I have been learning. Be still, and wait. This was another bless message. God Bless you. By the way years ago I was given a pup like yours… And its true what you shared about them. I had to give her away. She was a hand full. And I was living in a apartment. They like a lot of attention. And I was working, and I had to leave here at home… So you can imagine the rest…right??? I’m laughing. /

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