The Real Enemy

problemsLimited electricity, gas shortages, and dogs that take down the clean clothes, getting them dirty again.

This has been my week.

Add into this, taking a Biblical Interpretation class, three kids, a husband, our own ministry, and did I mention the dog.

And well, you can imagine,what my week has been like.

This past Sunday, my hubby preached on spiritual warfare, and how just as God uses people to carry out His work, to encourage, build up and spread His Word.

Satan also uses people to stir up strife, quarrels, and hurt feelings. He uses people and problems to get our eyes off the Lord and ultimately to make us want to quit.

For you pastors wives out there, is it only me or do you have to experience what your hubby preaches about either before or after the event??

It seems for us, this is usually the case.

For though He preached it, and we believe it.

This week, we have had to experience it.

It seems everywhere we have turned this week, problems.

And not just for us, but for others we serve with as well.

It seems the enemy is longing to be a source of grief, and ultimately to do what he does best, steal, kill, and destroy.

As I have reflected on this, the Lord is teaching me how much more I need to be fighting this battle in prayer.

Praying for my husband,my friends,my family, our ministry etc.

I’m also learning that my strength is not sufficient, I must have His strength.

Friends, the battle is real. Every day we as believers face an enemy who longs to defeat, discourage and destroy us.

We carelessly think we can handle it on our own, that our strength is enough.

But it is not.

So how do we fight? How do we resist the enemy?

We pray.

We read and hold fast to God’s Word.

We encourage one another.

And when we have done all that we stand.

For some of you, the problems are intense. You struggle to make it through the day. You don’t know how to keep going.

I encourage you, as the Lord has encouraged me.

To remember your battle is not against flesh and blood, (nor electric shortages or dogs) or whatever problems you have.

Your battle is against Satan and the principalities.

Your brother or sister is not the enemy. Satan is.

Pray, encourage others, hold tight to God’s Word and keep on standing!!!!!!!!!


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