Resolutions and all that jazz…

resolutionsGrowing up, my dad instilled in me the need to make resolutions or goals at the beginning of the new year. It stuck and I still do it today.

Yet, I have noticed something about resolutions and even goals…. I tend to start our good, but before the year is over, well let’s just say I don’t tend to follow through.

As I was thinking about this recently as I got our my fresh paper to list out this year’s goals. I was struck by a possible reason.

See it is easy to set goals, easy to make resolutions, but hard to keep them.

Often because I fail to set up a plan for doing these things.

I have learned through the years that having a desire to do something is right and good.

But it is never enough.

Desire or the want to are the starting place, but discipline is needed to achieve.

Yes, that word we don’t like, discipline.

But it is so true. For if we lack discipline, then we will lack the tenacity to follow through with our goals.

Which is why this year, not only did I make a list of my goals, I also wrote out a plan for making these goals happen.

One of my goals is to grow in my walk with the Lord, to go to a deeper level.

So in order to do this, I have resolved to put the Lord first, by spending time in His Word before I do anything else.

I have resolved to spend less time on things that do not grow me spiritually and instead to focus my mind and heart on the things that help. Such as listening to podcast and reading books that point me to Christ.

Putting the Lord first also means resolving to spend time daily in prayer, and not just quick prayers, but time spent interceding for others and for myself.

I have resolved to practice what Paul teaches and to put off the old man and put on Christ. To have the mind of Christ and the attitude of Christ.

I’m sure there will be days I fail, but I trust that God wants this as much as I do and that He will help me through.

What goals do you have for the new year? Have you made a plan to make sure they come to pass?

If not, I challenge you to set your goals and to make a plan for how you will follow through. And most importantly commit these plans/goals to the Lord.

May we look back a year later and see how God took these goals and used them for His good and His glory!


One thought on “Resolutions and all that jazz…

  1. I can relate to what you sharing…I want my goals that will take me to one level at a time. To spend more of the time He has given me for Him, and for what He assign me to do in His name. Thanks for sharing this. Let’s keep one another in prayers, as He command us to do. God Bless you! Shalom! \O/

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