Mary’s Song

mary's songI love Christmas. The lights, the songs, the silly movies…

But I love reading the stories of Christmas as well.

And Mary’s song in response to the angels visitation is amazing.

She has just been confronted with some astounding news. Though she is young, is not married, and is a virgin. An angel of the Lord has just told her that she will have a baby. And not just any baby, the Son of God. Whose name she is to call, JESUS.

I can’t begin to imagine what  I would have thought. The questions, fears, concerns I would have felt. I’m sure I would have been full of unbelief. I would have worried what my betrothed would think. What my family would think. What the people in town would believe.

Yet, we see none of this in Mary. The Scriptures don’t tell us what life was like for Mary in the months leading up to the Saviors birth. But, I have a hard time believing it was smooth sailing. I’m sure there was much gossip concerning Mary’s “vision.” Many who probably said unkind things.

However, all Mary could say was, “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said!”

Wow!!! Here is a young girl, confronted with news that will forever change her life, and her only response is to proclaim that she is the Lord’s servant.

Many times when we are hit with difficult news, we fight and resist it.

Not stopping to think that, this situation, this news is from the Lord. That this circumstance is part of the Father’s plan.

Instead we doubt, we question, we worry and fret. While all along, the Lord is right there with us, seeking to grow us and change us into the image of His beloved Son.

Mary wasn’t done. For after the angel had left, Mary hurried into town to see her aunt Elizabeth. If the angel’s visit wasn’t enough, seeing her barren aunt pregnant  I’m sure confirmed all the angel had said.

And Mary broke into song, proclaiming

“My soul glorifies the Lord and my Spirit rejoices in 

God my Savior, for he has been mindful of the humble state of

his servant. From now on all generations will call me blessed,

for the Mighty One has done great things for me- holy is his name….(Luke 1:46-49)

Though Mary could have been angry at the sudden interruption of her life. Though she could have been frustrated with the Lord and His plans. She was not.

Instead she rejoiced in what the Lord had done. Rejoiced that she, a simple peasant girl was chosen of God to bear the Savior of the World. She recognized that the Lord had done great things through her and blessed His name.

Many times we don’t understand the ways of God. We can’t grasp the plans of God or understand His ways. But, I’m convinced that if we could just see things the way Mary did, we’d rejoice.

For from the creation of time, the Lord was mindful of our sinful state.

From the beginning, He knew He would have Jesus come born of a virgin, only to die for our sins.

Every day the Lord is mindful of us, though we deserve nothing. He is there meeting our needs and working in our lives for His good purposes.

Just the fact that the God of the Universe is mindful of us, is amazing.

But just as the Lord did great things through His servant Mary, He too can do great things through us. As we yield our lives to Him.

May our response be like that of Mary. May we recognize that we are merely servants of the Lord. Acknowledging that the Lord, He is God.

That we might see “life” through His eyes. Grasping His great love for us, and recognizing the great things He does and is doing in and through us.



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