christmasYesterday was Thanksgiving. Call me old fashion, but I refuse to decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. It is a tradition ingrained in me from my mom. Growing up we would enjoy our big turkey dinner on Thursday and then spend the entire next day decorating the house from top to bottom for Christmas.

My mom loves to decorate. Every kitchen knob had a bright red bow on it, lights hung throughout the house and the best time of all was to sit with all the lights on at night. Watching Christmas movies of course.

All week, my kids have been begging to decorate for Christmas, but I have refused.

Somehow, the rush of Christmas has taken over full stream.

And many have forgotten to be Thankful. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love the lights,I love to decorate, I love the songs. I even love the movies.

But if we aren’t careful it is entirely too easy to forget why we celebrate to begin with.

This year we are living in a country far from home. A country where most will not celebrate Christmas. There will be no lights to drive around to look at. There will be no nativity scene in town,and few will wish us a Merry Christmas.

Yet, even still, there will and is that pull to go all out. Which isn’t a bad thing, but if I do it for the wrong reasons, it becomes bad quick.

So how do we keep Christ in Christmas. Admist the hustle and bustle.

I’m finding I have to be intentional. I have to set the stage at home.

Daily as a family we need to be reminded of  the why of the season.

This can be done by reading through an advent devotional with the family.  Singing Christmas carols together.

Baking cookies, and preparing gifts for the neighbors and those in need.

Yet once again, if we aren’t careful, the “to do” list becomes overwhelming

And suddenly, weariness sets in, and we find ourselves counting down the days until Christmas is over.

I know for a fact that the Lord never intended for us to be “crazy” at Christmas.

He never meant for us to grow tired and weary going and doing.

I’ve been asking myself why we do our traditional Christmas things?

Is it just because it is what we have always done. Or does it point us towards Christ?

It seems in the past I have been quick to tell my kids Christmas is all about Jesus.  Yet, our Christmas has  seemed to be more about us.

This year, I want to be intentional.

I want to take every opportunity to use every tradition, to point my kids and my own heart to Jesus.

Jesus didn’t come born into a palace with all the fanfare.

He came humbly born in a manger.

Christ came and lived the life of a servant.

Setting us an example to follow.

May this be my heart, may this be my goal. May my kids and all those around me, see that Christmas truly is all about Jesus!


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