Giving Thanks Even When Your just not Feeling it………

thankfulProbably one of the hardest things about being on the mission field, is the holidays.

Oh there are a number of struggles, but for some reason on, and near the “special” family days. This is when it gets tough.

Especially when you live in a place where “Thanksgiving” is not a holiday and “Christmas” is not celebrated by the majority of people.
To be honest, I have had a tendency of pushing the “holidays” off, but suddenly they are upon me. Added to that, I have three kids who are counting down the days to Thanksgiving and to Christmas. Who can’t wait to celebrate, to cook, to bake, and to decorate.

So how does one give thanks even when they don’t quite feel thankful?

The Scriptures tell us to give thanks to the Lord, enter into His presence with thanksgiving, always to give thanks….

I’m learning that it is a choice, I must diligently make.

I’m learning that it is a matter of perspective.

My natural, flesh wants to grumble, to complain, to have a pity party.

But each day, each moment I have a choice, I can see the good and give thanks.

Or I can see the negative and complain.

One pleases God, but the other does not.

It’s a choice… I must choose joy!! As I do I will have a thankful, grateful heart.

As I take a look around me, I gain perspective as well.

For all around, I am surrounded by those who do not know true peace, true joy.

All around me are those who have been blinded by the enemy. Who do not know the One True God.

When I think on this and the fact that I was born into a Christian home.

When I think that the Lord opened my eyes. I stand amazed at His goodness.

And gratitude wells up within my heart.

Then I am left wondering, how could I not be thankful.

When I see children who have been abandoned, children living in slums with little food, and women who have been forced into the streets.

My heart is broken for them, but it is also filled with thankfulness.

For how the Lord not only has opened my eyes to Him, but for how He has always provided for me.

When you get right down to it.

When you truly stop to count your blessings.

If you are like me, you are left with a heart overwhelmed by the goodness of the Lord.

And all you can do is say, Thank You!

I don’t know where this Thanksgiving finds you.

You may be far away from your loved ones, like I am.

You may not have all the things you “want.”

But I guarantee if you just ponder the goodness of the Lord for a moment.

If you begin to list out your blessings instead of your complaints.

You will find yourself ready to give thanks, despite everything else.

No longer will you not feel thankful, you will be thankful!

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name, make known among the 

nations what He has done!” I Chron. 16:8





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