How to abide in Christ, when life gets busy……

abidingWe sing it. We pray it, we say it to others, but do we really mean it?

This past week I have had a tendency of saying and praying, “Lord, I need you!”

And this is very much true, but the Lord has been asking me a question in response.

He has asked me, do you really.

See our actions speak much louder than our words do.

Life here has gotten very busy, and if I’m not careful, my feet tend to hit the floor running, not stopping until they go to bed.

Because of this exhaustion takes over, and I find it extremely difficult to get out of bed early to spend time in God’s Word.

Hitting the snooze button, a few times too many.

And then I wonder, why I feel worn. Why I’m running low on energy.

I was reading through the Gospel of John the other day and noticed that much like us, Jesus was busy all day every day.

Where ever He  went, people crowded to His side. And they all needed something.

They wanted Him to teach them, to minister to them, to heal them, and to help them.

It mattered not where He went, the people were always there in need.

Yet, I noticed something else too.

For though Jesus was pressed it seems on every side, He still made the effort to daily get away to spend time with the Father.

While it was still early, going up on the mountain to pray.

Setting the example for us to follow.

I’ve heard many say it matters not when you have your quiet time, as long as you have it.

Which to some extent is true. Yet, I know for myself, unless I make it a priority, it seems not to take place.

Or is done hurriedly throughout the day.

The Bible tells us that the “Joy of the Lord, is our strength.”

The Bible teaches us that unless we “abide in Him, we can do nothing.”

The Lord is teaching me, that when I feel weary, and worn. It is often because I have failed to spend time with Him.

It is due to the fact that I have not abided in Christ, but instead have relied upon my strength.

I’m pretty positive that if I would just get up earlier than normal and spend time with the Lord, that my energy for that day would be far greater, than it is from staying in bed a half hour longer.

So what do you do, when life gets busy. When it seems there are not enough hours in the day?

Do we cut out our time in God’s Word, spend less time in prayer.

Sadly to say, this is often the case.

Yet, I’m finding the opposite is in fact needed.

Instead of cutting the things we need the most out, we should in fact be spending more time doing them.

It is a matter of priority. We know we need to eat, so we make time for it.

Likewise, if we know, really know, we can do nothing apart from Christ.

Then we will make time to daily do this as well.

Life can be busy, ministry can be taxing.

But let us follow the example of Christ.

Let us put the Lord first. Daily spending time with Him and abiding in Him.

For only then will we be fruitful in the things He has called us to.

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:1



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