Power in the Name of Jesus

power in name of jesusAs a missionary sometimes it is easy to think God needs me.

Easy to fall into the trap that things depend upon me.

In my quiet time I was reminded afresh and anew that though God does use me, He doesn’t need me.

I was reminded that it is only my privilege to be used of God.

I have no power in and of myself.

I have nothing good to offer the lost and dying all around me.

I can not feed all the poor, I can not help every outcast.

It is impossible for me to heal the sick, to cast out demons…

I have nothing to offer…

I can and must only give them JESUS!

It is only through His power I can serve.

Only through His name the lost can be saved.

They do not need what I can give. They do not need what I can offer.

They need Jesus!

In my quiet time I read of the lame man who was begging and asking for alms. Peter and John walked by him and he cried out to them for money, for help.

Here in the city,it is not unfamiliar to pass such people on a regular basis. Those in need, asking for help.

Yet, Peter and John did not give the man food, money or anything.

They instead told him , “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene… walk! (Acts 4:6)

What then do the needy need? Do they need water, food, medical helps, money……

Yes, they do and we must as Christians seek to supply such needs, but we mustn’t stop there, for what they really need is Jesus.

And if we constantly give, constantly work… we will wear out.

Just as the lost need Jesus, we as believers need Jesus.

Daily we need His power, His strength to serve.

Another interesting lesson learned is the fact that the people were quite happy for the miracles, but wanted to leave Jesus out of it.

They wanted the disciples to heal, they wanted the disciples to do miracles.

But they didn’t want Jesus.

Similarly here, the people love to see the power of God, but want little to do with God.

We must be careful as believers not to just supply the people with what they want, we must give them Jesus.

They must surrender to Him.

And though we can’t help all the needy, we can’t lead every lost soul to Christ.

We must do what we can and allow God to do what we can’t.

To be His hands and His feet. To help those in our paths, to tell those of Jesus who we daily meet.

Katie Davis once said,“I have learned that I will not change the world, Jesus will do that. I can however, change the world for one person.”

This is out goal, this is our command.

We can’t change the world,but we can be used of God, one day, one person at a time.

Let us then give them Jesus and let us rely not upon ourselves, our strength…let us rely upon the power of Christ.


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