O Death where is your sting…

There has been much talk about death and dying in the news and reports as of late.no fear of death

From the Ebola that is wiping out so many in Africa and has now made landfall in the USA.

To the lady in Oregon who has chosen to end her own life Nov.1st.

Death is everywhere, it is all around us.

And just recently due to a suicide bomber in Yemen, 70 people died.

Every day 21,000 people, the majority children, die of starvation.

And in the newest Syrian war, it is reported that 140,000 have been killed, 7,000 of that number children.

Death is real and at some point we all will experience the process of death. The hurt of loosing those we love.

But I am here to tell you that this “death” is not the end.

We should not fear death, we should fear what comes next.

See this life is but a vapor. We are here one day and gone the next.

This short life will be over in the blink of an eye.

It is eternity that will last forever.

For those of us who know the Lord, who are covered by the blood of Christ.

Those of us who have been ransomed, redeemed and made righteous.

The death we will experience on this earth leads only to the great joy of being with our Lord forever.

Yet, for those who know not the Lord, there should be a great fear of death.

And not just of dying in this life, but of the eternity they will spend separated from the Lord in Hell.

See Hell is real. And is coming quickly for so many.

Recently I attended a birthday celebration for a neighbor who turned 84.

This was a big deal, for it was a celebration of her longevity and the fact that by this point she had seen 1000 moons.

The next day over coffee with my hubby I told him, that all I could think of when I looked at this lady was that death was getting closer, and she wasn’t ready.

See, this lady is a Hindu, and though she is a wonderful women.

Though she is extremely kind and has done so much for others.

When she dies, all of the good she has done in this life will matter not.

All that will matter is whether or not she has been covered by the blood of the Lamb.

For those dying daily, this is all that matters as well.

Whether from Ebola, hunger, war or at one’s own hand.

This death is not what is to be feared.

The Lord, He alone is to be feared.

Doing good, being nice, doing religious things will not get you to heaven.

For it is only by grace through faith.

It is a gift of God, offered freely to all who will believe.

Are you fearful of death?

You don’t have to be, for death has lost its sting, for those in Christ.

Turn to Him today and allow the Lord to wash away your sins.

Then whether you die from age, war, cancer, or natural causes….. it won’t matter.

For you will be resting in the arms of your Heavenly Father.





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