Ants, lizards, rain, and water

lizardI never quite know what I will awaken to in the mornings. Some mornings it is ants crawling all over the kitchen floor, other mornings it is water that has leaked all over from the water purifier. Then there are days when lizards are found on the ceilings.

Then you have the rains, that can’t seem to get enough, going way past the rainy season. Striking when you least expect it and most often when you are far from prepared.

A month ago, these things added up to great frustration and doubled the stress.

But God’s grace.

I’m learning now that God’s grace is sufficient, even for ants, lizards, rain and water.

This doesn’t mean I like these things or relish in the trials. But God is there with me and He is there to help me as I rely upon Him.

I’m learning to laugh rather than cry at the daily hurdles. Because what good really does crying do?

Saturday for an example was a beautiful sunny day. Our family of five took our dirty clothes to the roof and spent hours washing them, rinsing the, wringing them out, and hanging them up to dry.

We finally finished when not five minutes later it began to rain and it rained and then rained some more.

I sat down and just laughed. I told Eric that obviously our clothes needed another rinse.

He looked at me kinda crazy and I said, well we can either laugh or cry.

So I would choose joy.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. This is my song, this is my story. And no one can take my joy from me.

But I can give it away. When I allow the stress, trials and problems to be my focus.

I must choose joy. I must lift my eyes to the hills and know that my help comes from the Lord (Ps. 121:1-2).

So whether the day brings rain, water, ants or lizards, I will choose joy. I will allow the Lord who doesn’t slumber to be my help.

I don’t know what your day looks like, what issues you must face.For some I know they are far worse than my own.

Yet, I encourage you to choose joy. To allow the Lord to be your help and His joy to be your strength.

Life here is complicated, life in general is complicated.

But no matter the complications that come our way.

Our God is with us and He is on our side!!

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