When saying yes, leads you out of your comfort zone

outside the campIt is actually pretty comical to think I am on the other side of the world. Yet, here I sit sipping hot chocolate and eating peanut butter off a spoon. Inside this home, much is normal, much is the daily mundane. Feeding the family, cleaning the house, washing the dishes and clothes.

Yet, as soon as I leave this house, a whole new, uncomfortable, world awaits me. Filled with barking dogs, dusty roads, ringing bells and honking vehicles. Nothing about the outside is normal. As a Christian, I am in the minority. As a foreigner I am misunderstood and often taken advantage of.

Yet regardless of where I am, in the safety of my home or in the uncomfortable outside, I am still a daughter of the King. I am my beloveds and He is mine… what a relief!

It would be and is tempting for most of us to stay inside where it is safe and it is comfortable. Easy for us to shut out the things, people, places that cause us discomfort.

Today, I was forced to remain home, as I had to await the repairman. And this is nice, this is easy. But as followers of Jesus, this is not what we have been called to.

Jesus Himself left Heaven and all of its glory to come to earth. And not just so He could live, but so that He could daily die to Himself and eventually physically die in our place.

See, us coming to the other side of the world wasn’t easy. Yet if all we do is come and live, we have missed it. Many fall into this trap. They come and stay where it is safe. They flock together with others like them. And I get this. Yesterday I saw another American and I longed to go and just talk with her. And this is needed, but can not be all.

For we have not been called to just come live abroad, we have been called here to daily die to ourselves. Forcing ourselves to get out of the comfy, safe, spots and get into the uncomfortable. Jesus has called each of us to follow Him, He has called us all to deny ourselves and to daily take up our cross.

This means different things for different people. Yet despite our place, despite our situation. He has called us to go beyond ourselves.

Today I get to stay in the safe and comfy as I wait for the repairman. But after he leaves, I will force myself to go outside. To venture down the dusty roads in search of household items. I will greet the locals as I walk and smile. Praying that as I go they will see Christ living in me. I will look for opportunities to point others to the one True God. Sure I may be charged two times the price, I may be misunderstood and I may not enjoy going  out the gate. But I will go by His grace and through His strength.

This is the way we each must follow. Relying not upon ourselves but upon Him. Dying to ourselves, our wants and out needs, that He might live in and through us.

My prayer as of late has been more of You, Jesus and less of me. I’m realizing this is not an easy ordeal. Because there is room only for one master. It will be Jesus or it will be me. The same is true for you, we must die, so that Christ can live.

Let us then let go of the comfortable and follow our Master wherever He leads.

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