The God Who Knows…..

God knowsEarlier in the summer as we began looking at plane tickets for our upcoming move to Nepal, we really wanted to fly Turkish Air.

We had flown Turkish Air on our previous trip to Nepal, last fall. We had been very pleased with our flight and the service.

Yet, as we looked for the most economical flight, Turkish Air proved to be much pricier than other airlines.

In the end, we made our reservation with China Southern, which would carry us west instead of east.

At the time, we were disappointed that we wouldn’t be traveling Turkish Air, but decided that it wasn’t God’s plan.

Little did we know that a war with Iraq would begin only months later.

As I read the news the other day, I was amazed at the goodness of God. For in an article I read, I realized that Turkey is right above Iraq. And much of the air space in this area has been closed until the end of the year due to the fighting.

I rushed to share with my husband how great our God is.

For though we thought we knew best, God truly knew what we would need ,and orchestrated the details precisely.

Then I thought to myself how many times do I question the Lord and His ways?

How often do I argue about the details and want my way?

When the Lord who is sovereign over all truly does know best.

I don’t know what is going on in your life right now, but I encourage you to surrender it to the Lord.

He is God, we are His sheep.

The Father does know best.

And though we don’t always understand His ways and often don’t agree.

He is busy moving and working in our lives for His good.



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