100 %

So often in life, we want full assurance we are on the right path.trusting god

That we are doing exactly what we are supposed to.

We shy away from things unless we know without a doubt that these things are for sure.

Recently I was reading a book by Jeanie Allen, Restless.

In it, she spoke of how she didn’t know 100% if her and her husband were to adopt. They had a passion and heart for this, but no burning bush. She spoke of how she wasn’t sure the Lord was calling her into full-time women’s ministry, but that again, this was what He had put on her heart. She made the statement, that none of these thing did she have 100 % assurance from the Lord. All she had, was the nudge from God. From there, she had to step out in faith and trust God to bring it to pass.

As I read this, I felt great reassurance.

For, though we fully believe God has called us to Nepal. We don’t have all the answers.

We don’t know 100% how it is all going to work out. We don’t know 100% where we will live, how the kids will adjust, or what our days will fully consist of. We don’t know 100% where all the money needed for this will come from. We just don’t know.

But isn’t that where faith comes in?

For faith is not knowing then doing. Faith is believing God despite the unknowns.

So, though we don’t know a lot.

Though some days I’m so anxious I can barely breathe.

We will do this, we will pack, sale, and move to the other side of the world.

Doing this in faith that our God, who is able, will take care of the rest.

This sounds ludicrous from a world mindset.

Yet, I’m convinced from God’s eyes, this is the kind of faith He is looking for.

I’m convinced that in His eyes, this is easy.

I believe He can and will do above and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine.

I believe and when I struggle, I pray all the more, Lord help my unbelief.

So, what is God nudging you to do? What passion, desire has He placed on your heart?

I encourage you to just step out on faith. I encourage you to do it even if you don’t know 100%.

Because God is bigger than all of that. He will make it clear. He will make the way.

He will provide what’s needed. As you trust fully in Him.

People may doubt you, people may question you, people may let you down.

But God…..

He will never let you down, for He is always faithful.

Step out dear friend and watch God show out for His glory.

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