Earrings For a Cause

jennifer phillipsFriends seem to come and go.

Through the years, I have  had many friends/acquaintances.

But only a select few make the cut of those who you can pick up the phone and talk to.

Even after months of not speaking.

Close friends like those of David and Jonathan.

Yet, the Lord has blessed my life with a few such friends.

The type I know I can count on no matter what.

One friend in particular has been my BFF since Jr. High.

She is one of those friends I  wrote lengthy letters to during class while I pretended to take notes.  A friend who I was either with or on the phone with it seems at all hours of the day.

Oh, we had our up and downs over the years, but in the long haul our friendship is one of those that has stood the test of time.

This dear friend is very creative.

She loves to write and does an amazing job at it. She loves dogs ,and in her spare time loves to make earrings.

A few weeks ago she wrote and told me that she wanted to sell these earrings to help our family raise the support needed for the calling God has placed on our lives.

See God has told us to go and train pastors, plant churches, and teach the children in Nepal and the Himalayas.

We have surrendered our white flag and said yes, Lord, we are in.

Not fully knowing how it would work out, just stepping out of the boat into faith.

And friends such as Jennifer and others, have stepped up to the plate and said yes, Lord. I too will do my part.

Like Jonathan was there, looking out for David. Jennifer has been there for me.

She’s an amazing friend, who I thank God for.

To check out her earrings go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/EarringsForACause

To find out more about our mission work in the Himalayas go to http://ambassadorsfortruth.org/home.aspx



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