Saying Yes to God leads to God sized dream….

yes to GodSaying yes to God can be scary.

Saying yes to God can be exciting.

And sometimes it can be both.

About two months ago, our family said, yes Lord.

We will go serve you in Nepal.

And in these two months, we have watched as God has orchestrated and worked out details in amazing ways.

So often that is what He is waiting on.

Us to say yes, so that He can shine forth.

In the past two months the Lord has helped us begin a nonprofit organization, Ambassadors for Truth.

Whose purpose is to teach and train Christian leaders in the third world, help establish churches, provide Christian education to the children, and to declare the Kingdom of God.

He has also helped us to raise over half of our funds needed.

Blowing us away through the generosity of others.

One dear friend has made earrings for years.

These earring are amazing.

And the other day, she wrote me to tell me that she wants to set up a website on Etsy to sale these earrings.

Then she wants to give all the proceeds to our ministry.

Amazing! We know that none of what He has called us to do would be possible apart from Him or apart from His people.

In a month and a half we will pack and leave for Nepal.

To say we have it all figured out would be a lie. To say we have no fears would be just as far from the truth.

In fact there have been many Roller Coaster Days

But, one thing I know for sure…. My God is able to do abundantly more than I could ever ask or imagine.

Kristen Welch in her book Rhinestone Jesus says this about God sized dreams:

1. They will be bigger than your capability

2.They will require hard labor

3. They will look impossible and you won’t have all the answers

4. There will be a gap between your yes and the reality of your dream

5. They will require great dependence on God

We have found all of this to be true.

Saying yes, doesn’t guarantee it will be easy and you will certainly have to depend on God.

Yet, watching Him bring about your God sized dream is amazing.

So, what is God asking you to do?

Where is He leading you to go?

It may be nothing more than crossing the road to your neighbors to invite them to church.

It could be to begin a Bible study in your home.

He may ask you to teach a class at your church.

Or like us, He might be leading you to go to the ends of the earth.

I challenge you to just say yes.

Yes, to God.

Then step back and watch Him show out, for His glory.

God's story


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