Moving Forward or Regressing

Last night, I heard a great message and testimony of the work of God in a young man’s life.

He made a statement that stuck….

He said, “If you aren’t growing in your walk with the Lord, you are moving backwards.”

I’ve been thinking on this ever since.

You see, it’s easy to get to a point in our walks with the Lord and think, hey, I’ve got this.

It’s easy to get busy with other stuff and leave God out of the mix.

And the truth is, both of these are sin.

As I sat and listened to this testimony, I thought back on my own walk with the Lord.

I can remember vividly the times in my life I have had a hunger for the Lord and the things of the Lord.

When all I wanted was to spend time with Him.

And I can remember just as vividly the times in my life when my hunger has been for other things.

When spending time with the Lord, was just a formality.

To be honest, even now as we prepare to go overseas to serve as missionaries, life has just been busy.

And the business and stress of life, has a way of squeezing the passion out of one’s walk with the Lord.

But, that is no excuse!

I don’t want to regress in my walk with the Lord, I want to daily be moving forward.

But that takes work. It takes more than a little Bible reading.

It takes diligent study of God’s Word and time spent in prayer.

I’ve always heard it said that, “when you feel God is far away, it isn’t Him who has moved, it is you.”

This is so true.

Life will choke out our passion.

Stuff will choke out our love for the Lord.

Business will destroy our walk with Christ.

We must determine that we will daily grow and that nothing will stop this.

So where are you? Are you moving forward or regressing?

We must like Paul determine that our goal is to know Christ and to make Him know.

moving forward




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